Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police 2023–2028: Focus digital investments

Budgeting and funding that enables more incremental change, reflects the realities of cloud infrastructure and drives value for the community.

Improve digital governance and decision-making

Risks and opportunities

  • Rapidly increasing service demands and expectations require more mature prioritisation of digital initiatives. 
  • Technology funding is oriented around financial cycles, limiting the ability of the organisation to develop a responsive and strategic investment portfolio. 
  • Lifecycle funding must be built into annual budgets and preserved to ensure critical assets are maintained.

Tomorrow and beyond will have

  • Strategic evidenced-based decision making and transparent prioritisation for funding programs of work. 
  • A multi-year strategic approach to investment management. 
  • A sustainable approach to managing the lifecycle of technology asset refresh.

Key activities

  • Funding model changes (single to multi-year).
  • Investment aligned to prioritised outcomes.
  • Delivery of Financial Sustainability initiatives.
  • Committed resourcing capacity to deliver strategic initiatives.