Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police 2023–2028: Design-in security and privacy controls

Digital assets that are secure by design and a skilled workforce who can ensure their integrity while pursuing innovation and data sharing.

Key enabler:  Improve digital governance and decision-making

Risks and opportunities

  • Data is critical to Victoria Police with increased reliance on access to real-time, quality information.
  • The increased volume and complexity of security events requires significant attention to mitigate risks to service continuity.

Tomorrow and beyond will have

  • Integrated security and privacy capabilities across Victoria Police.
  • Victoria Police members who are skilled in security and privacy standards and have access to tools and guidance to safely operate a digital government. 
  • Security awareness baked in at design for all new technologies and innovations. 
  • Automated and intelligent monitoring tools.
  • Active management of technology risk and security.

Key activities

  • Mature security monitoring, detection and response tool.
  • Whole of Victorian Government and National Security standards.
  • Security focused culture through awareness, training and communication.
  • Embed cyber-security and privacy into service design and delivery.
  • Proactive risk management.