Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police 2023–2028: Introduction

Our vision

Victoria Police will leverage digital technology innovations, process collaboration and an upskilled workforce to transform front-line operations, optimise service value and enhance safety, security and confidence of the community.

Over the last five years, Victoria Police has significantly advanced its modernisation agenda around leadership, diversity, safety and technology. This has further improved its capacity to effectively respond to important public safety issues, while meeting government priorities and legislative requirements. 

There is an ever-increasing dependence on digital technology services with breadth and depth of demand for initiatives of various degrees of strategic and tactical value. We must develop ways to shape this demand and focus our efforts. How we mobilise to deliver more new and enhanced systems is key. 

This strategy will drive digital transformation for Victoria Police, directly supporting delivery of ‘Exceptional Policing Services’ through the goal ‘Streamline our processes to improve every interaction’ as outlined in Keeping you safe: Victoria Police Strategy 2023–28. Our Strategy for Digitally Transforming Victoria Police seeks to reform six aspects of our approach to digital innovation. 

We will accelerate the way we digitally transform Victoria Police: by improving governance and decision-making; by focusing digital investments in the right places; by designing-in security and privacy controls at the start; by leveraging strategic digital platforms; by nurturing agile people, methods and partnerships; and, by better connecting data and information systems. 

This will strengthen the governance of digital platforms, data and cyber security, free up resources, and improve our processes and our response to real and emerging threats. Streamlined processes and digital transformation will improve our capacity to deliver accessible, visible and consistent services across the state.

Our digital transformation will strengthen policing operations with more modern infrastructure, frontline applications, management tools and systems. This work has already begun but we need to do more. 

Through more automated and electronic management systems for rostering, court documents, investigation management and procurement processes we will reduce the administrative burdens on our teams. Contemporary corporate systems will make sure this important work supports the agility we need to deliver on the frontline. 

The goal is to ensure that this strategy endures over time, accompanied by an annually updated roadmap that details the digital work program.