Decorative banner image of two police officers with police motorbikes on the side of a road.

Exceptional policing services

Keeping You Safe: Victoria Police Strategy 2023-2028

Our commitment

Highly visible and responsive policing.

What we will do

  • Deliver exceptional services when and where they are needed.
  • Streamline our processes to improve every interaction.
  • Disrupt crime, with a focus on emerging and technology-enabled crime.

The difference you will see

We want our community to receive consistent service every time.

Our people bring the expertise and equipment that is needed. They build community confidence that care will be taken, issues will be resolved and an outcome reached.

Our people know what is core to their role and what support they can access through our partners for referrals and extra services.

We want our community to be familiar with the wide range of ways an individual can seek support and report a crime.

Whether in the city or our regional communities, we want our services to be understood by and tailored to local needs.

Deliver exceptional services when and where they are needed

We will review how, why, where, and when we deliver a range of policing services.

The public can expect more visible and consistent policing services and an improved capacity to respond to the concerns that have the biggest effect on community safety.;

Transforming our services

We will expand access to digital services to improve our services and accountability.

Our online reporting and victims’ portal will make it easier for people to contact us, whether as witnesses, community members, people who have experienced crime or to make a complaint.

Through uplifting our operating model and streamlining administrative functions for our frontline officers, we can free up their time to respond to community needs.

We will also review our systems, training, and processes to ensure they are effective, appropriate, and support fairness and equality in outcomes.

We recognise that confidence in how we operate and the exercise of discretionary powers is central to building trust and cultural safety.

We know our community wants police to be highly visible and accessible.

We want our services to be exceptional.

Consistent and effective processes

While our structure enables us to do a lot of things, we want it to be efficient and effective, not bureaucratic.

The way we are structured needs to enable us to provide a consistent experience to those who need our help.

Through improved, consistent, and cost-efficient processes, we will be more effective in how we carry out activities such as policing our roads, investigating crime, managing our multi-skilled workforce, undertaking procurement, and adapting to new and emerging technologies.

Deploying our people when and where it matters most

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our rostering systems will free up resources and deploy our people with the equipment they need to where they are needed most.

Our improved tasking and coordination capability, supported by enterprise rostering, will enable us to improve our response to changes in demand, help move our resources in line with that day’s priorities, and accommodate disruptions created by unplanned events.

This will help our community get the most out of our services.

Because we want to have the best policing response deployed to where it is needed by the community.

Streamline our processes to improve every interaction

As we strengthen the governance of digital platforms, data, and cyber security, we want to free up resources and improve our processes and our response to real and emerging threats.

Streamlined processes and digital transformation will improve our capacity to deliver accessible, visible, and consistent services across the state.

Digital transformation

Our work to digitally transform Victoria Police will leverage new technology innovations, better ways of working, and upskilled people to transform frontline operations.

We want to improve service value and enhance safety, security, and community confidence.

Our digital transformation will strengthen policing operations with more modern infrastructure, frontline applications, management tools, and systems.

This work has already begun but we need to do more.

Through more automated and electronic management systems for rostering, court documents, investigation management, and procurement processes, we will reduce the administrative burdens on our teams.

Contemporary corporate systems will make sure this important work supports the agility we need to deliver on the frontline.

Data security

We host an array of sensitive data collected through interviews, investigations, Body Worn Camera footage, briefings, advice, and reports.

Victoria Police is committed to protecting the information we host.

Our cyber security strategy provides the roadmap to uplift our capability in line with known vulnerabilities.

These changes will position us to respond more effectively to increased service demands and expectations, increased volume and complexity of security events, and increased reliance on access to real-time, consolidated information.

Because better-managed and integrated digital technology will result in exceptional policing responses.

Disrupt crime, with a focus on emerging and technology-enabled crime

New ways to commit crime require us to be agile and dynamic in how we investigate and disrupt crime.


The purpose of investigating crime is to lower harm to the community and gather sufficient evidence to obtain successful prosecution of offenders. To meet this purpose, our investigations and forensics need to evolve to address existing crime types and emerging and technology-enabled crime.

Successful investigations need to effectively leverage the personal - speaking with people from a wide range of backgrounds and gaining their trust, and the technical - using technology and forensics to build evidence that proves a case in accordance with the judicial process.

Learning new skills, bringing in expertise through partnerships, and targeting efforts against crime types that cause the greatest harm to individuals and our community, will help us deliver more effective investigations for Victoria.


Technology brings us new ways of interacting and living our lives.

The number, sophistication, and impact of cybercrime on individuals, businesses, and governments continues to grow.

Our security environment is also complex and fluid with new forms of extremism emerging all the time. Victoria Police’s forensics and investigations teams are integral to addressing these challenges.

Disruption practices are and will continue to be embedded in our operations and coordinated across our organisation.

From highly visible offline to invisible online, our robust investigative practices will seek to disrupt crime at every level.


By focusing on preventing offences that cause high levels of harm to an individual or our community, we will create a hostile environment for criminals, allowing investigations to focus on disrupting and systematically dismantling serious and organised crime networks.

Planning for advancements in technology that impact on criminal activity and emerging crime types will help us better investigate, prevent, and disrupt crime and prosecute offenders.

Because the community expects us to be ahead of the threat.