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The next five years

The next five years will bring changes in how we live, work and connect.

Victoria's increasing population

Victoria’s increasing population means:

  • more diversity in community
  • more people on roads, bike paths and footpaths
  • more demand for homes
  • more people in our regional centres
  • more economic pressures.

Changes to work and life

At the same time, work and life is shifting online and becoming more flexible, meaning:

  • home and local communities are becoming more central to people’s lives
  • changing demand for public transport
  • increased expectations around access to and quality of digital services
  • more risks for people to be harmed online and out of sight.

What this means for Victoria Police

  • Changing community needs will need new policing responses.
  • More people living in rural and metropolitan areas of Victoria will mean there is an increasing need for policing responses across the state.
  • Focus on services designed to reduce engagement with the justice system.
  • Need for partnerships to build capability, including to counter cybercrime.
  • Increasing cross-sector approaches to community interactions and response services.

Our vision for keeping you safe

As our community changes, Victoria Police will need to evolve.

We want a Victoria where you are safe and you don’t have to think about what we’re doing to make that happen.

How we will deliver our vision

We will deliver our vision through:

Keeping Victoria safe


  • in our homes
  • on the roads
  • in emergencies
  • in community
  • for everyone.

Reviewed 14 June 2023

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