Decorative banner image of a police officer over looking a cliff and a police helicopter.

Mission and vision

Keeping You Safe: Victoria Police Strategy 2023-2028

Our mission

To keep everyone safe.

Our vision

A community in which:

  • everyone is safe and feels safe
  • those affected by crime feel supported
  • those who break the law are held to account
  • police work with the community and our partners to prevent crime, reduce harm and build a better, safer Victoria.

The next five years

Over the next five years, we will deliver our vision through:

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    Our commitment

    Highly visible and responsive policing.

    To achieve this, we will:

    • deliver exceptional services when and where they are needed
    • streamline our processes to improve every interaction
    • disrupt crime, with a focus on emerging and technology-enabled crime.
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    Our commitment

    Skilled people, ready and able to respond.

    To achieve this, we will:

    • build, train and equip our workforce
    • strengthen our culture through collaboration, innovation and sound judgement
    • ensure our people are safe and well supported.
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    Our commitment

    Strong partnerships across community, government and business.

    To achieve this, we will:

    • connect with partners to respond to local issues
    • collaborate with partners to enhance crime prevention and reduce harm
    • invest in and grow strategic partnerships.