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The role of Victoria Police is to serve the Victorian community and uphold the law so as to promote a safe, secure and orderly society.

Our vision

Our vision is for a community in which:

  • everyone is safe and feels safe
  • those affected by crime feel supported
  • those who break the law are held to account
  • police work with the community and our partners to prevent crime, reduce harm and build a better, safer Victoria.

The next five years

Over the next five years, we will deliver our vision through our exceptional policing services, professional people and strategic partnerships.

Our functions

Preserve the peace

Patrol to provide a highly visible policing presence in the community, every day and night.

Protect life and property

Respond to calls for assistance to serious incidents, emergencies and Triple Zero (000) calls.

Prevent offending

Patrol to prevent crime and promote road safety, undertaking drug and alcohol testing, vehicle operations and engage with offenders and courts to prevent re-offending.

Detect and apprehend offenders

Investigate offences and hold offenders to account through court processes, using robust, contemporary investigative and forensic practices that withstand scrutiny by the courts.

Help those in need of assistance

Respond to Police Assistance Line (131 444) and Triple Zero (000) calls and online reports of crime.

Work with partners

We will work with partners in:

  • communities and community groups
  • priority communities including Aboriginal, multicultural, LGBTIQ+, disability, mental health, seniors and youth
  • government agencies and departments
  • local councils
  • industry, business and non-government organisations
  • emergency services sector
  • law enforcement agencies.

Our commitment to the Aboriginal community

Victoria Police is committed at all levels to:

  • supporting Self-Determination
  • working with the community to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal people in Victoria
  • working with partners and community to reduce over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system.

Our workforce

We have a large workforce comprising of police, protective services officers (PSOs), police custody officers (PCOs) and Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees.

We operate through a network of police stations, specialist police facilities, forensic facilities, multidisciplinary centres, logistics facilities and office complexes.

We perform a range of operational, forensic, intelligence, policy, training, prosecutorial and administrative functions.

Victoria Police workforce breakdown

A pie chart showing a breakdown of Victoria Police's workforce. Victoria Police is made up of 60% uniform police officers, 14% detectives, 14 Victorian Public Service employees, 6% protective services officers, 2% police custody officers, 1% forensic officers, 1% intel practitioners and 1% others.
Victoria Police workforce breakdown

Our workforce:

  • uniform police: 60%
  • detectives: 14%
  • Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees: 14%
  • protective services officers (PSOs): 7%
  • police custody officers (PCOs): 2%
  • forensic officers: 1%
  • intel practitioners: 1%
  • others (recruits, nurses, pilots, chaplains, reservists): 1%
Download Victoria Police workforce breakdown

Our leadership

We expect our leaders at all levels to be:

  • people-focused
  • adaptive
  • accountable
  • professional
  • community-minded.

Our culture

We expect our people at all levels to:

  • connect and collaborate
  • use sound judgement
  • create and innovate.

We aim to foster a safe and inclusive environment where everyone feels proud to work at Victoria Police every day and serve the community.

Reviewed 14 June 2023

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