National police check fees and charges

The costs of national police checks, Livescan and ink fingerprinting, and how to pay them.

Explore the fees, charges and payment options for a:

Fees and charges are updated on 1 July every year in accordance with Victoria Police Regulations 2014.

Fingerprinting (Livescan and ink) fees and charges

Fingerprinting fees (GST exempt):

Livescan (National Police and Fingerprint Records Check)$205.10
Ink fingerprints (visa, passport, immigration) 
1 set$54.10
2 sets$76.30
3 sets$98.60

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Payment options for National Police and Fingerprint Records Check

Payment for both Livescan and ink fingerprinting services must be made in person.

Explore the options available at the following locations:

Melbourne Docklands Fingerprint Facility

Payment options at our metropolitan Melbourne Docklands location include:

  • credit card
  • online payment (through QR code). 

Please note, cash is not accepted.

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Regional Victoria facility locations

Regional fingerprint facility locations only accept on-the-day payment (through a QR code).

Other payments include cheque or money order. However, please allow for additional bank processing times. 

Cheques and bank drafts must be issued by an Australian financial institution. Payments must be made payable to ‘Victoria Police’.

Please note, EFTPOS and cash are not accepted. 

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National Police Check fees and charges

National Police Check fees and charges (GST exempt):

Standard fee$52.50
Reduced fee for a volunteer$19.70*

*Reduced fees for volunteer and student placements

Victorian volunteers and students on placement qualify for a National Police Check application processing fee discount.

The reduced fee payment requirements are:

  • Online applications: you must include the Community Volunteer Fee (CVF) Number in your application. Check with your educational institution or organisation if they haven’t given you a CVF Number. 
  • Postal applications: the educational institution or organisation must complete the Community Volunteer Fee (CFV) details including the Victoria Police issued CVF number.

Payment options for a National Police Check

Before you make a payment to process your National Police Check, you must:

  1. Complete your National Police Check application form. If you are a volunteer or student on placement, please ensure Community Volunteer Fee (CVF) details and a CVF Number are included in your application. This allows you to receive a discount on your fees.
  2. Ensure all documents have been certified.
  3. Select from the below payment options.
  4. Send your application to the address provided on the form.

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