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National police certificates

The difference between a digital and paper national police certificate.

Victoria Police issues two types of national police check certificates – digital and paper.

Digital certificates

Digital certificates are issued by our partner agency Service Victoria on behalf of Victoria Police.

The document features:

  • a secure locked PDF (to prevent changes to the document)
  • the Victoria Police and Victoria State Government logo in the top right corner of the page in a blue banner
  • a watermark on the left side of the page, extending to the centre of the document.

Download a sample digital certificate

Paper certificates

Victoria Police issued certificates are printed on secure paper.

The document features:

  • a watermark of a padlock (with two keys which is visible when held up to the light)
  • fluorescent threads on either side (which glow blue, yellow and red under ultraviolet light)
  • a MicroType border that can be read when magnified (located to the right of the police logos on the front of the document)
  • images printed in heat sensitive ink (that briefly fade or disappear with friction)
  • images printed in fluorescent ink that glow yellow under ultraviolet light
  • a screened background printed in solvent reaction ink.

Organisations should request to view the original certificate to ensure its authenticity.

Download a sample paper certificate

Fees and charges

For information on costs involved with applying for a national police check, visit our fees and charges pages.

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Reviewed 19 September 2022

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