National police certificates

Learn about National Police Certificates, an official record of criminal history that may be required for employment, volunteering and licensing purposes.


A National Police Certificate contains a record of releasable court outcomes from all Australian states and territories, relevant to the purpose of the national police check.

A National Police Certificate may be required for the following purposes:

  • licence or registration applications
  • for employer or volunteer organisation to make a decision on prospective applicant suitability.

Certificate formats

Depending on the type of national police check, a National Police Certificate will be issued in either digital or paper format.

Digital certificates

Digital certificates are issued by our partner agency Service Victoria on behalf of Victoria Police. They are issued as a result of an online National Police Check (previously known as a National Name Check) application.

The document features:

  • A secure locked PDF (to prevent changes to the document).
  • The Victoria Police and Victoria State Government logo in the top right corner of the page in a blue banner.
  • A watermark on the left side of the page, extending to the centre of the document.

Download a sample digital certificate

Paper certificates

Victoria Police issued certificates are printed on secure paper. They are issued as a result of a postal National Police Check application.

The document features:

  • A watermark of a padlock (with two keys which is visible when held up to the light).
  • Fluorescent threads on either side (which glow blue, yellow and red under ultraviolet light).
  • A MicroType border that can be read when magnified (located to the right of the police logos on the front of the document).
  • Images printed in heat sensitive ink (that briefly fade or disappear with friction).
  • Images printed in fluorescent ink that glow yellow under ultraviolet light
  • A screened background printed in solvent reaction ink.

Organisations should request to view the original certificate to ensure its authenticity.

If you have received a National Police Certificate and wish to confirm its validity, please contact

Download a sample paper certificate

Fees and charges

For information on costs involved with applying for a national police check, visit our fees and charges pages.

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