Learn more about event safety and view resources available to event organisers in regards to having Victoria Police at an event.

Event safety is a joint responsibility between event organisers and Victoria Police. If you are hosting a community event, you are the organiser.

Planning your event in advance with Victoria Police may minimise the need for police attendance.

Event organisers have a responsibility to provide adequate measures to ensure the safety of event participants, spectators, and the general public.

Victoria Police has a responsibility to preserve the peace, and to detect and prevent offences.

Responsibilities of the event organiser

Event organisers must provide a safe, secure, and orderly event, in line with legal obligations and community expectations.

Event organisers should ensure that:

  • the venue and facilities are suitable for the expected crowd, including access in emergency situations and proximity to public transport
  • appropriate stakeholders are briefed and involved in the event planning process, such as state and local government bodies and emergency services
  • movement of crowd and traffic directly resulting from the event is managed safely.

Let Victoria Police know about your event

Regardless of the level of police you would prefer, public safety remains a priority at all times.

Police will ultimately determine the level and nature of police resources needed for the event.

Large events 

For large events and festivals, event organisers should contact the Victoria Police State Event Planning Unit at

Local events 

For small, local events, event organisers should contact the local police station in the area the event is being held.

Local police will request that the event organiser provide them with event specific management plans. These plans are required to address:

  • strategies to manage and regulate crowd behaviour, such as the employment of private security staff familiar with venue risks and statutory responsibilities
  • management of traffic and the potential impact on local amenities
  • the responsible service and regulation of alcohol during the event
  • identification and management of risks and hazards
  • appropriate plans for response to emergency management situations, and safe evacuation of patrons.

Responsibilities of Victoria Police

Victoria Police will assist in assessing event management plans to ensure that the risk control measures being applied by the event organiser are sufficient for the nature of the event.

Any additional risks that are identified will be communicated to the event organiser so that they can take the required action to mitigate these risks.

Where Victoria Police identifies a need to allocate police resources to an event, these resources will be provided where:

  • there is a demonstrable operational risk at the event, and the risk cannot be reasonably mitigated by the event organiser and as such the use of police resources is required, or;
  • the community or government has an overriding expectation that police will attend the event.


Victoria Police may impose charges for services provided by police officers who are deployed for sporting, entertainment, and other events if:

  • charges are made for admission to the event or participation in the event
  • the event is commercial in nature
  • the event is commercially promoted or sponsored. 

Where police services are necessary to ensure safety at an event, Victoria Police will provide the event organiser with an estimated quotation of costs.

Once the estimation of costs has been conveyed to the event organiser, both the event organiser and Victoria Police will sign a cost agreement. The event organiser will then receive an invoice from Victoria Police, with payment terms outlined.

At the conclusion of the event the event organiser will receive an invoice from Victoria Police, with payment terms outlined.

Absent an agreement, the Chief Commissioner of Police has the power under the Victoria Police (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2014 to impose and enforce costs for the provision of Victoria Police services.

The Victorian Government has a policy of automatically indexing certain fees and charges each year for inflation, so that the value of those fees is maintained.

To calculate costs for police attendance at events Victoria Police utilises a schedule of fees and charges, which is published by the Victorian Government.

Victoria Police (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2014
PDF 583.16 KB
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Victoria Police Events fees and charges 2023-24
PDF 269.85 KB
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In some instances, events may qualify for a waiver of police costs.

The event organiser should consider whether the imposition of police charges threatens the viability of their event, or its staging in Victoria.

Event organisers can apply for a waiver by completing the Waiver Application Form and emailing it to

Victoria Police Waiver Application Form
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Waiver applications are assessed by the Victoria Police Chief Financial Officer and event organisers will be advised of the outcome.

Event permits

For certain types of events, a Highway Permit application may need to be made to Victoria Police.

Permits are required by any event organiser wanting to:

  • conduct a foot or bike race or similar on Victorian roads (including rolling road closures)
  • collect money from vehicles on a public road at an intersection.


The Victorian Guidelines for Planning Safe Public Events have been developed through the collaboration of multiple agencies. The document presents the best practice for organisers in planning and executing events across Victoria.

Guidelines for Public Events 2018
PDF 3.93 MB
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The publication contains:

  • risk assessment tools
  • compliance guidelines
  • public order and security
  • health and safety
  • relevant checklists.

Further resources for event organisers.

Crowded places handbook
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(opens in a new window)
Australian Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism
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For more information about planning safe events, contact the State Event Planning Unit at

For information regarding user pay processes, contact the User Pays unit at