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Firearm forms and reference information

Here you will find relevant information, application forms and guides that will assist you when inquiring about a firearm.


If you are wishing to apply for any of the following categories of firearm licence, please access and complete an application through the Victoria Police eServices Portal:

  • Longarm Licence Application (Category A, B, C, D or E Longarms)
  • Handgun Licence Application (General Category Handgun or Category E Handgun)
  • Provisional General Category Handgun Licence Application
  • Junior Firearm Licence Application
  • Heirlooms Licence Application


  • New applications must be returned with all supporting documents to the Licensing and Regulation Division via post.
  • Renewal applications and payment notices are sent to the recorded postal address of the licence holder eight weeks prior to the expiry of a current licence. Completed renewal applications can be returned by post or email.

Firearms Categories

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Reviewed 21 January 2020