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Victoria Police provides a service to individuals and organisations wishing to obtain information about vehicle accidents that occurred in Victoria and were reported to Victoria Police.

Please note that if no person was injured in the accident and all involved parties have exchanged name and address details, Victoria Police will not normally make a formal report of the accident. In that case the Accident Records Office will not be able to provide a report of the accident.

Any person who is injured or suffers property damage as a result of a traffic accident may apply for a copy of the collision report, or may authorise a person to represent them and apply on their behalf.

Victoria Police applies strict guidelines to the release of any information it holds to individuals and organisations.

The document 'How to lodge a vehicle accident information application form', accompanies each form, lists what information will be released as well as providing detailed information about completing the form.

Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for Accident Report applications to be processed.

Accident Reports cannot be released prior to the completion of the investigation. Delays may be affected by, for example, difficulty locating witnesses or people involved in the accident, delays in obtaining statements, or the need to seek further information to clarify the circumstances surrounding an accident.

Which application form do I use?

Individual form

This form should be used where a person who is injured or suffers property damage as a result of a traffic accident, wishes to apply for the vehicle accident information.

It is to be used by:

  • drivers
  • vehicle owners
  • passengers
  • pedestrians
  • property owners

Use this form if the applicant is an individual involved in the vehicle accident.

Authorised representative form

Use this form if the applicant is an insurer or third party with written authorisation from an individual involved in the accident to obtain information on their behalf. Representatives or employees of an organisation that owns the property or vehicle that is involved in an accident should also use this form.

It is to be used by:

  • insurers
  • solicitors
  • loss assessors
  • investigators
  • employees

Personal representative form

Use this form if the applicant is a third party and the individual involved in the accident is unable to provide their representative with a written authority to obtain information on their behalf. For example, the individual is a child, disabled, does not have the legal capacity, or has died as a result of the vehicle accident. It is to be used by:

  • parent
  • guardian
  • administrator
  • executor
  • power of attorney


Application fees for accident reports are updated on 1 July every year in accordance with the Victoria Police (Fees and Charges) Regulations 2014.

The non-refundable search fee provides for a search of relevant records to supply a copy of the Collision Report and, if applicable, the first 10 pages of statements and photographs combined. Should the report contain additional pages of statements and photographs they will be available for a further fee per page.

Accident report (including 10-page statements)


Each additional page


Note: For emailed reports there is no added charge for additional pages

Applications forwarded by mail must include a cheque or money order made out to Victoria Police. Do not send cash through the mail.

In certain circumstances police members may be interviewed in relation to motor vehicle collisions. This is granted at Victoria Police discretion. All requests for interviews are to be submitted on the appropriate documentation.

Fees are charged for the first hour or part thereof and subsequent half hour or part thereafter as follows:

Officer (Inspector and above)


Officer subsequent half-hour


Sub-Officer (Sergeant and Senior Sergeant)


Sub-Officer subsequent half-hour


Other ranks (Constable and Senior Constable)


Other ranks subsequent half-hour


Contact us

Accident Records Office
GPO Box 913
Melbourne VIC 3001

Phone: (03) 9247 5258
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(03) 9247 5934

Reviewed 30 June 2019