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Importing and exporting firearms

The movement of firearms and firearm parts, ammunition and accessories in and out of Australian territory is controlled primarily by the Australian Border Force. Victoria Police and the Attorney-General's office provide limited administrative and regulatory assistance to Customs.

You must declare all firearms, weapons and ammunition when arriving in Victoria from overseas or departing Victoria for overseas. For information about declaring firearms, see: Australian Border Force


Australian Border Force requires Victoria Police to certify that Victorian residents wishing to import firearms, imitation firearms, paintball markers or firearm ammunition, parts or accessories are either appropriately licensed to receive that item or the item does not require a licence to be held. Without this certification or 'Import Permit' from Licensing and Regulation Division, Border Force will not release your item to you.

There are no fees for applying for an Import Permit but applying for a permit to acquire a new firearm does attract a processing fee.

Licensing and Registration Division's guide to importing and exporting firearms provides detailed information about the requirements and limitations of importing and exporting these items.

To apply for an import permit for longarms or paintball makers and their compatible ammunition, parts and accessories you must submit:

To apply for an import permit for handguns and compatible ammunition, parts and accessories you must submit:

To apply for an import permit for imitation firearms or weapons, and their compatible ammunition, parts and accessories, you must submit:


If you wish to export any of your own firearms, ammunition, parts or accessories you will need to apply to Border Force for a Restricted Goods Permit.

In certain circumstances, you may also need to submit additional information to Border Force. See: Australian Border Force

If the exported item(s) will not be brought back into Australia, you must advise Licensing and Regulation Division and provide a copy of the relevant export documentation.

If the exported article(s) will be brought back into Australia, you will need an import permit before you export the item from Australia. You must also inform the Licensing and Regulation Division in writing within 14 days of returning to Australia where you will ordinarily store each firearm you own.

Australian residents who travel overseas with their firearms and related firearm goods to use in lawful shooting activities (eg. a hunting or competition event) do not need to obtain a certification to re-enter the country with the same items provided the following conditions are met:

  • the goods are Category A, B, H and PB firearms, and their parts, magazines and ammunition
  • the importer is an Australian resident
  • the importer presents to the Australian Border Force a valid firearm licence issued by the State or Territory in which they reside
  • the importer presents to the Australian Border Force the export permit used to export the goods
  • the goods have not been modified (except for repair) since the last export from Australia

If the above conditions are not met, or you are returning with additional controlled items obtained while overseas, you will be required to apply for a certification for those items. You will still need to be issued with the relevant export permit by Australian Border Force to leave the country with your firearms.

Reviewed 25 March 2019