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Employment and students

For information on vacancies for Victorian Public Servants (unsworn staff) at the Forensic Services Department see

For detailed information about the work that is performed and the educational requirements, see:

Job codes for Forensic Offices are FO-1 to FO-6 . There may also be vacancies for VPS staff VPS 1-5. You can also register to receive information if any vacancies in these categories are advertised.

Information on Police and Protective Services Officer (sworn) careers can be found at Police careers

Tertiary research students

The Victoria Police Forensic Services Department (VPFSD) research agenda covers a diverse range of themes focused on provision of the best quality forensic services to Victoria Police, the judicial system and the community.

Research projects conducted by the Forensic Services Department are managed and coordinated through the Office of the Chief Forensic Scientist (OCFS).

The OCFS has collaborations with state, national and international forensic and academic institutions. All projects are focussed on the operational needs of forensic science through a variety of co-supervised student projects, from 3rd year degree level to PhD. A number of biological, chemical and physical science themed research projects are supported by the OCFS along with endeavours in the field of psychology, the law and criminology.

These research projects are either:

  • 3rd-year research projects done as part of your course (Note: this is not the same as a student placement, which tends to be shorter in length and is not offered), and
  • post-graduate projects undertaken by students enrolled in a university post graduate course

The OCFS works with the universities in developing the research projects, and OCFS staff act as co-supervisors for the student. This collaboration can be done with any university although in the past we have worked with Melbourne, Monash, La Trobe, Deakin and RMIT universities in Victoria, as well as University of Tasmania, University of Technology, Sydney, University of Western Sydney, Sydney University and a number of overseas institutions.

Before approaching the OCFS, consider what area of Forensic Science would suit your speciality. Discuss with your supervisor and the supervisor could then contact the OCFS to explore project ideas and options at

The department has strict security policies due to the confidential and sensitive nature of the work performed, and students are required to undergo a security clearance that includes criminal record checks and fingerprinting. For these reasons unpaid work, internships, research scholarships and paid vacation work options are not offered.

Secondary students and work experience

Unfortunately, the Forensic Services Department is unable to offer any placements to secondary school students. This is because the legal nature of forensic science requires that there is very limited access to exhibits and notes from cases that are either still being investigated or awaiting trial. The laboratory areas are also a very hazardous environment due to the presence of blood, drugs and weapons.

Reviewed 13 March 2019