Police prosecutions

Police prosecutions

Learn about the Victoria Police Prosecutions Division and the service they provide to the Victorian community.

The aim of the Prosecutions Division is to provide an independent and professional prosecution service to the community of Victoria. They support judicial and coronial proceedings on behalf of Victoria Police.

Information for witnesses

If you have been summoned to appear before a court hearing as a witness, read our Witness summons page for information on what to expect. 

Information for accused persons

Going to court

If you have been charged with an offence that can be heard in the Magistrates Court, you should speak to a legal practitioner (a lawyer) immediately. 

Your charge sheet will have some information about the charge.

If you have been charged with an indictable offence (noted on the charge and summons sheet), you must attend court.  A warrant for your arrest may be issued if you don't attend court. This may prolong the court process.  

Discussing your court case - Summary Case Conference Service

Victoria Police is committed to providing a Summary Case Conference Service that promotes dialogue at the earliest opportunity between prosecution and defence.

Our service is designed to provide out-of-court discussions to identify issues and resolve them where possible. These discussions are conducted by a method suitable to the parties. It could be via phone, Microsoft Teams or email.

You are encouraged to contact the prosecutions unit relevant to the court you have been summonsed to attend at the earliest opportunity, preferably before the court date. See our list of prosecutions units in Victoria. 

The prosecutor will be able to discuss your case and look to progress the hearing as quickly as possible. When you contact the prosecutions unit, you can:

  • talk to the prosecutor about your case
  • ask questions about the court process
  • provide your view of the evidence, and also your version of events
  • negotiate charges and the summary of allegations (what is read to the court on a guilty plea).

Early interaction with the prosecutor will assist in moving your case through the court system and to the final stages.

Police Prosecutions Unit contact details