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Film and television productions can liaise with the specialist Film and Television Office within Victoria Police. The Film and Television Office acts as a coordination service on productions in consultative, liaising and supervisory capacities.

The Film and Television caters to local and international film and television companies, independent and student filmmakers, educational organisations, authors and publishers, as well as other government agencies such as Film Victoria and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

The Film and Television Office provides a range of services, and offers both on and off-set assistance, expertise and cooperation where appropriate.

The service provides clients with the most helpful and relevant Police advice and resources possible, while minimising any potential risks, hazards and legal complications.

The Film and Television Office is a unit within the Media and Corporate Communications Division. The unit operates during weekdays and is staffed by a combination of Victoria Police members and public servants.

Filming notification

Notifying Victoria Police is important when your filming activity may be seen or heard by members of the public and filming involves:

  • the use of firearms (real or imitation), weapons or special effects like explosives, flames, smoke, mock car accidents
  • the use of private traffic management on major roads
  • any activity that may cause public concern including violence (physical or verbal), mock police, military activity, large crowds, etc
  • use of remote piloted aircraft (drones) over public places.

This will reduce the likelihood of unnecessary calls for police assistance.


* Forms must be opened in Adobe (latest version). You will not be able to complete the form correctly in an open browser.

Once you have completed the form, please send to Please allow two business days for processing.


Notification will only be distributed to relevant parties within Victoria Police including Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA)

It is recommended that other relevant agencies are notified, including Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority and Ambulance Victoria.

Notification is in no way approval of your filming activity. You must contact the relevant land/road management authority

Traffic management

Using specialist filming vehicles

Multi or single-lane film escorts of 'specialist filming vehicles', such as tracking and/or low loaders, within contained and non-contained film locations are considered high risk. Under Victorian law, these vehicles can only be used when escorted by Victoria Police.

Specialist filming vehicles comprising of tracking and/or low loader vehicles have conditions imposed on their operation by VicRoads. These conditions form part of the registration by which these vehicles operate.

VicRoads requires that any road closure or traffic containment be authorised and controlled by Victoria Police. A police escort is required where a specialist filming vehicle is used in a 'contained' and 'non-contained' site on a public road.

  • a 'contained site' is a road or site that is contained for the filming activity at the exclusion of ordinary vehicular traffic
  • a 'non-contained site' describes the use of a specialist filming vehicle in a situation where ordinary vehicular traffic has not been excluded

The Film and Television Office prepares the Police Operation Order (traffic management plan) that the production company must submit to the relevant road authority for a 'non-road activity permit' to be issued.

A 'non-road activity' in accordance with the Road Safety Act 1986, Section 99B means any activity to be conducted on a road which will significantly interfere with the normal use of a road by road users.  A non-road activity must be authorised by a permit from the relevant road authority, which can be subject to terms, conditions and limitations which the road authority considers appropriate.

For example, a non-road activity would include the use of a road for the shooting of a film, a bicycle event, a street festival or a street market.

For information regarding police requirements, timeframes, and applicable fees and charges for administration, police operation orders, police resources or cancellation fees, see:


To make an application for Victoria Police resources for 'contained' and 'non-contained' locations download the application form:

Complete the application form and send it to the Film and Television Office fax 03 9247 3489 or email

Please forward your notification at least 28 working days (Monday to Friday) prior to the commencement of filming.


Filming Events (as of 1/7/2019)

These rates refer to Victoria Police assistance with traffic management, on-set supervision / appearance and other operational duties.

Police Officers


Hourly rate

Inspector or above


Sub Officer (Sergeant or Senior Sergeant)


Other ranks (Constable or Senior Constable)



Vehicle type

Hourly rate

Police car (marked)


Uniform hire

The Film & TV office provides uniform hire for film and theatrical productions.

Prior to hiring, the Film & TV office must approve your script and lines which involve police. The production must portray police in a positive light or show consequences for corrupt behaviour.

Government Regulated User Fees apply.

For more information about hiring, see:


To apply, you will need to email a:

  • a brief synopsis of your production
  • script that involves police
  • uniform requirements
  • hire dates.

to the Film & TV Office at

Please forward your application at least seven working days prior to filming.

Research assistance

Film and television programs concerning police and forensic investigation are extremely popular. Victoria Police offers specialist research assistance that includes checking scripts and providing advice on props and uniforms.

Common research enquiries include criminal and forensic investigation, crime scenes, conducting searches, surveillance and court procedure.

Applications for research assistance must be submitted in writing and include a synopsis of your production and your specific research questions or scenarios. Submit applications via email to the Film and TV Office at

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