VicPol Corporate

We are committed to working with suppliers to achieve prompt and accurate payments.

Mandatory invoice information

Dependent on your arrangement with Victoria Police, the following information is requested to appear on each of your invoices:

  • Victoria Police Purchase Order (PO) Number
  • Victoria Police Employee Name who requested the goods and/or services
  • Business Unit/Police Station Name where goods were delivered or services undertaken
  • Contract Number (where a contract exists between Victoria Police and your company)

For more information, see Australian Taxation Office, 'Requirements of a tax invoice'

Invoice delivery addresses

General suppliers (excluding the special categories below) should send all invoices to Accounts Payable:



  • fax invoices to Accounts Payable to (03) 9247 3687


  • Accounts Payable
    Corporate Finance Department
    Victoria Police
    GPO Box 913
    Melbourne Victoria 3001

For invoice or payment related queries, please email or phone (03) 9247 6239 for assistance, from 8.30am-4pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Special category suppliers

Custodial doctors, send all medical treatment records and medical reports to Custodial Health Services, with a copy of the invoice. Only the original tax invoice should be sent to Accounts Payable:

Custodial pharmacies, there are specific tax invoice requirements:

  • invoice to reference, "Attention to: Custodial Health Services"
  • invoice to clearly specify whether Methadone or Medication invoice
    • methadone items to be listed on an independent invoice
    • other medication to be listed on an independent invoice
  • a monthly invoice to reflect the total supply for the particular month
  • a monthly invoice to include sub-total, GST component and invoice total
  • a valid tax invoice as per Australian Tax Office (ATO) regulations.

For any queries relating to Custodial Matters, please contact (03) 8615 3840

Inventory suppliers, goods delivered to Logistical Support Branch at the following address:

BMD-Collingwood Warehouse/GWL-BMD Inventory (Recruit Uniforms)
Victoria Police
(Door 6) Rear 119-193 Wellington St
Collingwood VIC 3066

Please ensure all invoices are sent via both methods below:

  1. all deliveries MUST be accompanied by a relevant Invoice / Delivery Docket, and
  2. email invoices to

For any queries relating to Inventory, please contact (03) 9418 3107

Property services suppliers, mail your invoices directly to the following postal address:

Properties Branch
Victoria Police
GPO Box 913
Melbourne Victoria 3001

Email invoices to Properties:

For any queries relating to Properties Services, please contact 03 9247 6936


The Victoria Police Purchasing Terms and Conditions constitute the entire Agreement between the parties, subject to any signed Agreement by an authorised delegate of Victoria Police for the provision of those same goods and services. Any signed agreement by an authorised delegate of Victoria Police between the parties for the same goods and services supersedes these terms and conditions.

Changes to business details

To amend any existing business details with Victoria Police, eg bank account or change of address, phone (03) 9247 5667 or email

You must ensure that your business name details are kept current. This includes notifying Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) of any changes.

For more information on updating your business name details, please refer to Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) 'Update your business name details'


For questions relating to Purchase Orders, please contact the individual listed on your Purchase Order.

For questions relating to forms and related links, please contact Victoria Police Accounts Payable by phone on (03) 9247 6239 or email

Victoria Police contact hours are between 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Reviewed 08 April 2019