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Vehicle impounds

In accordance with the Road Safety Act 1986 Victoria Police can:

  • immediately impound your vehicle for 30 days
  • impounded a vehicle up to 48 hours from time of intercept
  • serve a Notice to Surrender for a 30-day impoundment
  • apply to the court for a motor vehicle to be Impounded, further impounded, immobilised and or forfeited

based on the driver of the motor vehicle committing an impoundable offence.

We do not hold vehicles that have been impounded by the local council. For full details on impoundment, immobilisation or forfeiture of vehicles, please see the Road Safety Act (Vic) 1986.

Collecting your vehicle


Visit vehicle collection locations to collect your vehicle in order to locate the contractors contact number for your reference.

Surrendering your vehicle

Vehicles overdue for collection/Uncollected vehicles

Notice of Application for an impoundment or immobilisation order/forfeiture order

Victoria Police can apply in court to have a motor vehicle impounded, immobilised or forfeited based on a driver’s prior impoundable offence history. Please see the headings below to determine the situation that applies to the motor vehicle. 

Reviewed 12 August 2020

Vehicle Impoundment Support Unit

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