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Victoria Police provides probity fingerprinting services for a number of purposes.

You can book fingerprinting services online for various locations throughout Victoria.

Types of fingerprinting services

Two types of fingerprint services are available:

  • Livescan, and
  • Ink fingerprints

Livescan (national name and fingerprint check)

To get a national name and fingerprints check you need to have Livescan fingerprints taken. These fingerprints are taken electronically.

Common reasons to get Livescan fingerprints include:

  • Victorian Security Licence
  • Victoria Police Public Servant
  • Victorian Firearms Licence
  • Victoria Police Contractor
  • Prison or Corrections Officer.

Once the check is complete, you will be issued with a national name and fingerprint certificate.

You will not get copies of your fingerprints.

You must wear a mask when attending your appointment.

Ink fingerprints

Ink fingerprints must be booked individually and according to the number of print sets needed. Please check your requirements with the relevant agency in case the fingerprints need to be taken on a specific form. If you are booking for more than one person, book them separately.

Victoria Police can provide sets of ink fingerprints for the following purposes:

  • immigration, visa or passport
  • employment or similar.

Each set of prints includes individual ink fingerprint impressions, rolled from nail to nail. They also include flat impressions of the fingers and thumbs of both hands. Impressions of your palms can also be taken if required.

We will give you sets of your fingerprints at the end of your appointment to take away.

You must wear a mask when attending your appointment.

Book a fingerprinting appointment online

To make a fingerprinting appointment online you need to:

  • review the types of fingerprinting services
  • select the correct service for the fingerprints you need.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate wrongly booked services.

Book a fingerprint appointment online

Fingerprinting locations

You may have your fingerprints taken at either a specific regional fingerprinting site or at our metropolitan site.


Our metropolitan fingerprinting site is located on the ground floor at the Victoria Police Centre:

Victoria Police Fingerprint Facility
Ground Floor
311 Spencer Street
Docklands VIC 3008

You must have a booking to attend.

Payment options at the metropolitan location are EFTPOS, credit card, cheque or money order.

Please note, cash is not accepted.

Regional Victoria

There are various regional fingerprinting locations across Victoria however, most only offer this service one day per week.

You must have a booking to attend.

Payment options at regional locations are via credit/debit card only. Applicants will need access to a smart phone capable of reading QR codes and their email account. Cash, cheque or money orders will not be accepted

Processing times

It will take at least 20 working days to have your fingerprint check processed.

We recommend that you allow sufficient time before following up about your application.

Fees and charges

For information on costs involved with applying for a name and fingerprint check, visit our fees and charges page.

More about police checks and fingerprinting

Read more about the national police checks and fingerprinting processes.

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Get in touch about police checks or fingerprinting through our online enquiry form.

Reviewed 19 March 2023

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