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The information in this section is aimed at the private security industry. Here you'll find information on legislation change and updates in the industry.

November 12, 2020


As per the announcement made by the Victorian government, new restrictions will be applied as of 11:59pm on Friday, 12 February 2021.

Stay at home restrictions apply unless: 

  • Shopping for necessary goods and services (one person per household, once per day, a support person can accompany if required)
  • Care giving or compassionate reasons
  • Essential work or permitted education  
  • Exercise (can leave for two hours of exercise)

 A Circuit Breaker action plan has been released by the state and the Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) encourage the industry to review the plan and seek advice from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for more information or view the statement from the Premier  here.

FAQs regarding recent changes in restrictions

  • Due to recent announcements made by the Victorian Premier, Stay at Home restrictions will be in effect from 11:59pm, Friday 12 February until 11.59pm Wednesday 17 February. As a result, fingerprinting services throughout Victoria between these dates are unable to be accommodated at this time. If you have an appointment within this period, you will be contacted by our office to make an alternative appointment as soon as possible.

    For more information, please refer to the fingerprinting page on the website.

Other COVID-19 updates

  • Licence renewals

    Please continue to email your renewal applications to our office. This will allow us to continue processing your applications in a timely manner.
    Remember to:

    • Submit a single PDF attachment to the email. This will ensure we are able to process your application as quickly as possible and reduces the risk of your application becoming lost or separated.
    • Only use clear and high-quality scans of your documents. Photographs of your documents will not be accepted as they cannot be easily processed.
    • If you email your application, please do not also submit your application via standard mail.

    If you are lodging your applications in hard copy:

    • Please ensure all your documents are A4 sized.
    • Any smaller documents should be affixed to the first page of the application by a single staple.

    Approved photo points have now re-opened and are operating as per normal. If you have been retaining your payment notice and waiting to have your photo taken, you can now locate your closest photo point and arrange an appointment accordingly. The LRD will allow a 28 day grace period for those who have been waiting to have their photo taken since the COVID-19 restrictions.

    Please note, you cannot use your existing photo to renew a firearm licence or private security licence and/or registration.

    Phone service

    Phone services have resumed however please note that over the Christmas and New Year break, the LRD phone lines will close from 2pm Wednesday 23 December and will reopen at 10am on Monday 11 January. During this time, we can be contacted via email at and will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

    Firearm requalification’s

    During the COVID-19 period the LRD remained flexible regarding firearm requalification’s. Now that ranges have or are beginning open, you will need to requalify by June 30 2021.

  • The Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) continually assess the suitability for individuals and businesses to hold private security licences and registrations.  On or off duty, private security licence and registration holders are expected to undertake their duties with their core focus on maintaining public safety, ensuring a high level of accountability is associated with these roles.

    The LRD would like to remind all private security licence and registration holders they must follow each of the Chief Health Officer’s (CHO's) directives which are currently in place to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and keep the community safe.

    Victoria Police takes breaches of licence and/or registration conditions and CHO directives extremely seriously.

    Blatant and deliberate disregard of the CHO’s directions, endangers public safety and calls into question a private security licence or registration holders suitability to be licensed in an area that requires a strong emphasis on safety.

    As a result, the LRD may conduct a Disciplinary Inquiry in accordance with section 50 and 105 of the Private Security Act 2004, which will examine the breach as well as a holistic assessment of the licensees suitability.

    A range of actions may be taken as part of this process, including the immediate suspension and eventual cancellation of licences and registrations. Licensees may also be subject to a reprimand which may harm future licensing/registration applications.

    Employers who ask their employees to work in breach of the CHO's directives, including Stage 3 and 4 restrictions, may also face penalties.

    If you are unsure about what activities are permitted under the CHO's directives, please visit the Department of Health and Human Services website or phone the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.

  • Australia Post has announced that due to reductions in air freight capacity, there may be delays on the letters and parcels network that Australia Post operates around the country, particularly to regional and rural communities.

    Given this, your plastic licence card may take up to 14 days or more to arrive to your nominated postal address.

    Unfortunately, the Licensing and Regulation Division have no control over postal times. Please continue to follow important updates on the Australia Post website.

  • Certificate II in Security Operations can now be delivered via online learning.

    We will require you to:

    1. Email us with a SOP outlining how the online training will be delivered – both theory and practical.
    2. Once this is received by the Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD), LRD will review and approve the SOP.
    3. You will be contacted by the LRD once this approval has been made. After this contact, you will be able to provide this online training.

    Please note, this change will be implemented until further notice as we continue to monitor the evolution of COVID-19.

  • The transition period for the below training packages have been extended from 29 September 2020 to 29 March 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

    • CPP30607 – Certificate III in Investigative Services
    • CPP40707 – Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management has been extended

    More information can be found on ASQA.

    With the new training packages CPP20218, CPP31318 and CPP31418 fast approaching 1 July 2020, the Licensing and Regulation Division require that all active trainers update their security certificates by 1 January 2021. This will provide RTOs with enough time to have their trainers upgrade their certificates.

  • As a result of the State of Emergency (SOE) declared by the Victorian Government, there may be increased demand for the use of MCO’s. This is a licensed sub- activity that is approved by the Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD).

    However, as there is no requirement for additional MCO training under the current Certificate II in Security Operations, LRD is willing to allow MCO activities be performed by a person holding a current un-armed guard licence activity. This is subject to appropriate in house training and private security business Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)'s until such time the SOE is revoked.

  • The Licensing and Regulation Division (LRD) has been made aware that some private security licence and/or registration holders are using and/or displaying a badge that resembles the Victoria Police crest.

    The State of Victoria, through Victoria Police, is the registered trade mark owner of the Victoria Police crest and, as such, has exclusive rights to its use under trade mark laws. Victoria Police does not authorise the use of the Victoria Police crest by private security licence and/or registration holders. The unauthorised use of the Victoria Police crest, or any crest that is deceptively similar to the Victoria Police crest, may constitute a breach of the registered trade mark and may result in Victoria Police taking legal action.

    Private security licence and/or registration holders may also be committing offences by using the crest without authorisation from Victoria Police. Section 255 of the Victoria Police Act 2013, makes it an offence to manufacture, possess, use or supply Victoria Police identification or Victoria Police equipment. This offence carries:

    • a maximum penalty of 120 penalty points or;
    • imprisonment for 1 year or;
    • both for an individual and 600 penalty units for a body corporate.

    Section 256 of the Victoria Police Act also makes it an offence for a person to hold himself or herself out to be a police officer. This offence also carries:

    • a maximum penalty of 120 penalty units or;
    • imprisonment for 1 year or both.

    If a private security licence and/or registration holder uses a badge which resembles the Victoria Police crest or a badge deceptively similar to that, they may be committing an offence outlined above and they may be charged by Victoria Police.

    Victoria Police strongly encourage private security licence and/or registration holders not to use, carry or display these badges to avoid affecting Victoria Police operations, being charged, or having legal action taken against them.

    If individuals or companies are currently in possession of these badges they are encouraged to destroy them or alternatively, return them to a police station or to the LRD.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Should you have any questions please email us.

  • Customer phone services will close from 2pm Wednesday 23 December and will reopen at 10am on Monday 11 January. During this time, we can be contacted via email at and will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

Other news

  • Both business and individual licence holders working in the Private Security industry should familiarise themselves with recent changes to Industrial Relations (IR) legislation in Victoria.

    For further information regarding how these changes may affect you or your business, please refer to the below:

    Portable Long Service Authority:

    If you are a business who employs workers to do security work as defined by the Private Security Act 2004, must comply with the legislation by: 

    • Registering with the Portable Long Service Authority.
    • Submitting Quarterly Returns to the Portable Long Service Authority.

    Visit the Portable Long Service Security Industry websitefor more information.

    Labour Hire Authority:

    The Labour Hire Licensing Authority is responsible for implementing the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018. The Act introduces a licensing scheme for providers of labour hire across all industry sectors. 

    Please visit the Labour Hire Authority websitefor more information.

  • On 14 November 2019, the Licensing and Regulation Division issued a letter to all registered training organisations (RTOs) outlining proposed changes to the Certificate II Security Operations training package. This letter provided an outline of the proposed framework which has been developed in consultation with the Security Training Association and their members. The main recommendation has been to increase the minimum face-to-face hours of training from 128 hours to 130. Further, this framework reflects a national position on the minimum training students must complete to meet a baseline standard as an unarmed guard or crowd controller as agreed by the states and territory members of SIRF.

    On 12 February 2020, the Licensing and Regulation Division issued a letter to all RTOs outlining changes to the Certificate III in Security Operations training package. The recommendation outlined the minimum face-to-face training hours for:

    • armed guard and cash-in-transit to 136 hours
    • control room operator to 120 hours
    • guarding with a dog to 157 hours
    • CPP31418 Close Protection Operations to 136 hours.

    The role of Victoria Police and the Licensing and Regulation Division, as the regulators of the industry, is to endorse the content of the property Services Training Package, (Security Operations qualifications) that is approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee. This means the Licensing and Regulation Division review and ensure the content being delivered by RTOs meets the expectations of the skills, knowledge and experience required of individual security operators employed by private and public organisations.

    The role of Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) is to monitor and ensure the method and delivery of the training package meets national quality standards.

    Victoria Police support the Certificate II and Certificate III training packages framework. The minimum face-to-face hours for training and assessment were determined to be adequate to successfully complete the course which ASQA will monitor the methods, timing and effectiveness of the delivery. In the case that either or both of these expectations are not being met, both organisations have the power, albeit different powers, to intervene where RTOs are failing to deliver appropriate content or  deliver the training in a manner that best serves the needs and expectations of the students.

    Thank you for your cooperation while the Licensing and Regulation Division and ASQA implement changes to the regulation and coordination of the training requirements.

Reviewed 12 February 2021

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