Strategic priority: Support

Victoria police is committed to enhancing the way we support victims of cybercrime—whether victims are individuals, families, business of any size or government.

Victims of cybercrime in Victoria have not always been offered consistent, high-quality support. Victims have also not always been aware of the value of reporting cybercrime to Victoria Police, or the type of support that is available to them.

Our role

Victoria Police is committed to its core role in providing a victim-centric policing service for all victims of crime–including cybercrime. We will work to enhance service delivery for those in need of assistance after becoming victims of cybercrime.

We acknowledge that different types of victims—individuals, families, small and medium business, industry and government— will require different types of assistance and support from Victoria Police.

We acknowledge that victim-centric policing in the context of cybercrime means further enhancing understanding of cybercrime across the organisation.

We are committed to ensuring that every member of Victoria Police has the right skills and knowledge to provide high-quality, consistent victim support, regardless of crime type or method of reporting.

We will continue to consult with the community and our partners to continuously improve our referral approaches to meet victim expectations and respond to emerging cybercrime trends.

Victim support can be enhanced through collaboration with our partners.

Victoria Police will strengthen our relationships and identify opportunities to improve victim support across the system.

We will...

  • Ensure victims of cybercrime are provided with timely and relevant advice, support and follow up.
  • Better equip our employees with the expertise and knowledge to police cybercrime.
  • Use data to identify trends in cybercrime and use this analysis to aid our victim support work and that of our partners.
  • Consult with the community to better understand what victims of cybercrime need.
  • Work with our government and industry partners to ensure all Victorians have access to appropriate and timely victim supports.
  • Work with our partners to identify victim support service available across the country to enable us to support interstate victims.
  • Publish accessible versions of victim support advice and resources for diverse community members.

So that...

  • Victoria Police takes a victim-centric policing approach to responding to cybercrime and supporting victims.
  • Victims receive an excellent service delivery response and are supported to understand their options for help.
  • Victims understand cybercrime, how it is policed, their risks of repeat victimisation, and how to prevent further victimisation.

What will success look like?

  • Victoria Police delivers high-quality, consistent support that meets the needs of different victims.
  • Strengthened partnerships and enhanced victim support delivered through a collaborative approach.