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Strict adherence to gender stereotypes has negatively impacted police culture, amplifying inequality.


Sustainable gender equality by 2030.


  • Engaging hearts and minds
  • Equitable outcomes
  • Working in partnership
  • Licence to challenge
  • Evidence based.

Key assumptions

  • That gender equality will continue to be a priority for the organisation
  • That gender equality is also a priority for our key partners
  • That the goal of gender equality continues to be adequately resourced
  • That the community continue to value a police force that is progressing gender equality
  • That sustainable gender equality can be achieved in 10 years.


  • Current policies, processes and training perpetuates systemic inequality
  • Resistance and/or disconnection to gender equality messaging
  • Lack of clarity and accountability of managers in response to gendered workplace harm
  • Authorising environment not established with key partners
  • Misconceptions of the attributes required for policing
  • Some key data measures and systems are not fit-for-purpose.

Reviewed 05 September 2022

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