Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Victoria Police has developed the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) framework to support the achievement of sustainable gender equality by 2030.

At the heart of this goal are the six long-term outcomes in the Equal, Safe and Strong strategy:

  • Our culture recognises and promotes the values of gender equality.
  • Leaders take ownership and proactively sustain gender equality outcomes.
  • The community has trust in our response to gendered violence.
  • Gender does not restrict access to flexible work, recruitment or progression.
  • Employees have confidence in our response to gendered workplace harm.
  • Gendered workplace harm is minimised.

The action plan has been designed to make material progress towards these outcomes and the seven workplace gender equality indicators in the Act. 

Action owners are responsible for the effective delivery of actions and for reporting on their progress to HRC.

HRC is responsible for overall program management to coordinate, monitor and guide the action plan’s implementation. 

This will be achieved using the MEL framework, which includes the following components:


We will monitor implementation of Equal, Safe and Strong by reviewing the:

  • completion of action milestones across the three years
  • progress towards each action’s strategic intent.


We will evaluate annually the implementation of Equal, Safe and Strong by measuring:

  • established key performance indicators and milestones
  • the effectiveness and impact according to their strategic intent and the six long-term outcomes.


We will ensure continuous learning from our implementation of Equal, Safe and Strong through an annual report which:

  • identifies the achievements and challenges in the implementation of the actions
  • allows opportunity to pivot future implementation according to lessons learned
  • informs the development of actions in the 2024-2027 action plan. 

As part of our obligations under the Act, in October 2023 we will submit our first progress report to the Gender Equality Commission