How far we've come

For some time, Victoria Police has understood and recognised the need to uplift its capability and maturity in providing access and inclusion for employees with disability.

Our 2014 and 2018 accessibility inclusion strategies and action plans helped lay the foundation for a more disability confident organisation and progress was made through the delivery of some significant initiatives.

In 2021, Victoria Police engaged the AND to conduct an independent evaluation of our performance against the 2018–2021 strategy and action plan. This coincided with the organisation’s inaugural participation in AND’s Access and Inclusion Index, highlighting our openness to scrutiny and our commitment to improving.

The evaluation and index have resulted in a commendation for Victoria Police for progress made and some notable achievements since 2018:

  • Victoria Police’s Victorian Public Service (VPS) employee and police custody officer recruitment team achieved Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR) status in December 2020.
  • All Victoria Police Command members participated in Disability Confidence training facilitated by AND in partnership with VP Enablers.
  • A Workplace Adjustment Passport was developed, piloted and launched.
  • We appointed four Command-level disability champions.
  • Victoria Police sourced VPS candidates with disability for recruitment through AND’s Stepping Into Program, the Victorian Government Graduate Disability Stream and the Youth Cadet Scheme.
  • We incorporated universal design principles on access and inclusion into all new buildings and facilities.
  • We established an IT Reasonable Adjustments Working Group to facilitate technology adjustments for employees with disability.
  • Victoria Police led the establishment of a Whole of Government Mentoring Program Pilot for employees with disability.

Victoria Police Enablers membership

Victoria Police Enablers Network increased their representation – from 16 members in 2017 to 124 in 2022.

Employees sharing their disability information

More employees are sharing their disability related information with Victoria Police – from 94 in 2018 to 171 in 2022.