Where can we improve?

Our participation in the Access and Inclusion Index and Australian Network on Disability’s evaluation findings provided us with critical insights into where we need to improve.

They found areas requiring greater focus to improve our capability:


There was insufficient governance or authorising framework to monitor progress and support access and inclusion.

Workplace adjustments

Workplace adjustments must be a priority if we are to become a disability confident organisation.


Opportunity exists to increase equitable and dignified access for employees and community members with disability.

Information and communication technology (ICT)

Providing accessible ICT and an inclusive website is invaluable to our whole organisational operation.

The Accessibility Hub and the IT Reasonable Adjustment Working Group foster progress, and opportunities exist to deliver more products and services that enable effective communication.

At a strategic level, the evaluation pointed to the need for this plan to include a smaller number of actions targeted to achieving specific outcomes and making a greater impact.