Focus area: People


Build, train and equip our workforce

The Victorian community invests significant responsibility and trust in the people who work for Victoria Police. 

We will recruit and train additional police and protective services officers.

In relation to attrition, we will continue recruitment to fill vacant police positions over the balance of this financial year.

We will develop a strategic workforce plan to better manage our workforce today and plan for our future. 

We will further embrace diversity and inclusion through the implementation of the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Framework, so that our workforce reflects the community we serve.

We will explore how we can train our people more effectively, so they are able to respond with confidence and empathy, safely and respectfully.

Our people need the best equipment and facilities to help them do their job so we will continue to roll out conducted energy devices to all frontline police and protective services officers, deliver an increased number of preliminary breath testing devices with enhanced functionality, and we will build new police stations and upgrade existing ones. 

Strengthen our culture through collaboration, innovation, and sound judgement

The culture of our workforce is critical. 

We will focus on embedding our CultureWorks program into all our training programs, so our people can bring sound judgement to their decisions and collaborate and innovate where they can.

We will continue to implement enhanced promotional processes through the Integrated Leadership Development Framework. 

We will ensure all our police, protective services officers and police custody officers have completed Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training so we can improve our interactions with Aboriginal people. 

To ensure we achieve best practice, we are reforming our complaints and discipline system to strengthen accountability and community confidence.

We will also continue to progress recommendations from the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants.

Ensure our people are safe and well supported

The safety and wellbeing of our people is a priority for Victoria Police.

We will develop a new operational safety strategy to ensure our frontline members have the best training and skills to keep each person, in every interaction, safe.

We will be proactive to provide support to our staff who are injured so they can return to work as soon as possible. 

We will strive for sustainable gender equality through our Equal, Safe & Strong: Victoria Police Gender Equality Strategy 2020–2030, so that all Victoria Police employees work in a safe and equal workplace, have access to equal resources and opportunities, and are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. 

We will finalise negotiating the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) for our police and protective services officers. We are working with our people to ensure the EBA meets the needs of both the organisation and our workforce, including working towards protective services officers being able to move between work units, working towards a fully integrated workforce. This will also be the case when negotiating commences for the EBA for our Victorian Public Service employees.

We will support our people in a diverse and flexible career as much as possible, while balancing the need to deliver services 24/7 to the Victorian community.

Spotlight: Health Safety and Wellbeing Taskforce 

We will support our people through the newly established Health Safety and Wellbeing Taskforce. 

Once fully implemented, there will be six health safety and wellbeing hubs across the state. These hubs will deliver preventative and proactive support to our people by having co-located mental health clinicians, injury management consultants, educators, health and safety advisors, career advisors and human resource business partners. 

The hub members will be on the ground in police stations de-stigmatising mental health issues with a focus on prevention, encouraging employees to seek help as well as facilitating stay at work and return to health initiatives.

The first of the six hubs will commence operating in Eastern Region in 2023. 

Our people are important. To ensure we have skilled people, ready and able to respond, we will:

  • attract, recruit, train and deploy 502 additional police and 50 protective services officers
  • roll out conducted energy devices to every frontline police officer and protective services officers
  • modernise our police facilities through our infrastructure program of works
  • progress recommendations from the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants.