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Deliver exceptional services when and where they are needed

We will continue to strive to provide excellent and consistent policing services to the Victorian community by transforming our service delivery and operating model.

We will look at the way we prioritise demand, plan effective responses, allocate tasks, and coordinate our resources.

Making our staff allocation agile requires an integrated, enterprise-wide rostering system so that we can effectively deploy our people to where they are most needed.

Victoria Police will improve its capacity to respond to future demands and provide a more visible and consistent policing service to the community that supports safety and maintains confidence in Victoria Police. This includes on our roads where we have an active role and need to contribute to a strong road safety culture.

We will maintain our focus on providing strong and consistent responses to family violence, sexual offences, child abuse and serious and violent crimes.

We will strengthen the way we work with the community to prevent the harm caused by these crimes and we will continue to hold offenders to account.

Streamline our processes to improve every interaction

We will work to refresh our critical information and communication technology. This will ensure that our systems talk to each other, and our digital assets are updated so that our staff have the best available technology.

We will implement a Laboratory Information Management System to streamline the way we work in our Forensic Services Department.

We will continue moving away from paper-based correspondence and deliver an enterprise-wide electronic document system.

We will also be able to issue electronic penalty notices on the spot.

We will continue to improve our financial sustainability by implementing a program of efficiency measures and structural reforms, including delivering more enhanced financial functions through cloud technology platforms.

Disrupt crime, with a focus on emerging and technology-enabled crime

New and improved technologies offer great potential for serious and organised crime groups to pursue existing and new types of crime.

By adopting an agile and dynamic approach, with new techniques of prevention, detection, and investigation, we will seek to disrupt crime at every level and create a hostile environment for criminals.

In 2023–24 we will focus on preventing offences that cause high levels of harm to individuals and our community by implementing strategies targeting cybercrime, serious and organised crime, youth gangs, and illicit firearms. These strategies will set out a clear approach for Victoria Police, partner agencies and communities to deliver innovative solutions and best practice to prevent and address crime and keep communities safe.

We will continue to implement the Victoria Police Drug Strategy 2020–2025 to minimise the harmful impact of drugs in the Victorian community.

In addition, we will review the effectiveness of our VIPER Taskforce, and make recommendations that will lead to us improving the operating model so that we have the best method of targeting serious, violent, and organised crime.

Spotlight: Protecting confidential information

Victoria Police holds confidential information, and it is our responsibility to keep that information safe.

We have developed a cyber security strategy that articulates the current risk of cyber-attack and controls to improve our defences to an appropriate level given the critical functions of Victoria Police, our systems, and our data.

The strategy focuses on four key areas: protect, detect, recover and educate. We must protect the information, detect where the attacks are coming from, recover any lost information and educate our people so that we maintain community trust and confidence.

To provide highly visible and responsive policing, we will:

  • transform Victoria Police’s service delivery and operating model
  • plan and deliver an electronic penalty infringement notices solution
  • plan and deliver an enterprise-wide electronic document and records management solution
  • plan and deliver an integrated, enterprise-wide rostering and time sheet solution
  • deliver a suite of finance and procurement-related systems solutions
  • improve our financial sustainability through a program of efficiency measures and structural reforms.

Reviewed 06 September 2023

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