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Crime Prevention & Community Safety

Release date: Wed 21 March 2007

Last updated: Tue 18 September 2018

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Business and commercial

Crime prevention is just as important for business as it is for individuals.

This section details the advantages of being cautious in the workplace, preventing theft of laptops and other electronic devices, and outlines how environmental design can prevent your business from becoming a victim.  


Petrol Station Drive Offs

A standardised reporting template has been developed that service station operators can use to make a report that will support effective police practice and policy compliance. Service station operators are encouraged to download the form and use them to report petrol drive offs where an immediate or urgent response is not required.

Business Security Information eKit

The Business Security Information eKit is specially developed to provide business retailers with basic crime prevention advice to reduce the occurrence and cost of crime to business and the wider community.

      These posters have been developed for display in licensed venues.

Information and resources


Personal safety in the workplace

The following tips will help you remove the element of opportunity for crime within the workplace.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is an approach to crime prevention that takes into account the relationship between the physical environment and the users of that environment.


Preventing armed robbery

Do not wait until a robbery has occurred to update your security procedures and systems.


Victoria Police Armed Crime Squad RECCI Register Notification Sheet

This form is for the use of gaming venues to advise the Victoria Police Armed Crime Squad of suspcious persons and behaviour at their venue.




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