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Safety on trams and buses

Release date: Thu 6 September 2007

Last updated: Thu 28 July 2016

Safety on trams and buses

Travelling on a bus or tram is one of the safest ways to travel on the road and there are things you can do to keep safe while waiting for a bus or tram, getting on or off, and while you are in transit.

En route

  • Listen and watch for traffic and trams.
  • If wearing headphones keep the volume low so you can hear the traffic and other things around you.
  • Wait at your station or stop in areas that are well-lit and clearly visible.
  • Stand away from the kerb or within the tram safety zone marked on the ground.
  • Make sure traffic has stopped before crossing the road to board a tram. 
  • Make sure the tram or bus has stopped before boarding.


There are other simple steps that will improve your safety when onboard a tram or bus:

  • When purchasing your ticket on a tram observe the conditions and any persons around you.
  • Keep clear of doorways.  
  • Place schoolbags, shopping bags or briefcases out of the way - on your lap if you are seated or between your feet if you are standing.
  • If carrying valuables hold onto them and conceal them if possible.
  • Portray confidence, it shows in your body language and indicates how you are feeling.
  • Be friendly and confident if talking to other passengers, but be cautious about telling others too much about yourself, like where you live and who you live with.

Keep safe

If your personal safety is threatened when you are on a tram or bus, there are many things you can do:

  • If you are being harassed tell the person to stop what they are doing in a loud and assertive voice so they become the centre of attention.
  • Report the person - tell the driver or a customer service assistant, who can contact police.
  • Consider moving somewhere else or closer to other passengers.  
  • Trust your instincts - do what you feel will improve your safety and make you feel more comfortable.

Getting off safely

  • Before leaving the tram or bus, look back to see if you have left behind any valuables.
  • Stand clear of doors when they are closing.
  • Watch your step on the way out.
  • Check for traffic before getting off.
  • Cross the road at a designated pedestrian crossing. If there is not a crossing nearby, cross the road where you have a clear view of all traffic.

In an emergency

If you witness or are involved in an emergency while using public transport, report the incident by calling Emergency Assistance on '000'.

If the opportunity to report a crime only arises after the completion of the journey inform Crime Stoppers by telephone on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers website (link on right side of this page).



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