Message from the Chief Commissioner


Plan your route

Release date: Thu 6 September 2007

Last updated: Mon 5 May 2014

Whether you travel on public transport every day or just occasionally, the following information is provided to help maximise your safety.


Most bus, tram and train operators have timetables or a website/app with route information.

Be prepared

  • Develop a safety plan. In an emergency this pre-thought strategy may assist you to deal promptly, clearly and confidently in a situation.
  • Consider travelling with a friend.
  • Wait in well-lit and clearly visible areas.
  • Carry a phone card, spare change or mobile phone.
  • Observe the environment and people around you.
  • Familiarise yourself with facilities, such as shops and public telephones.
  • Know the names of the streets you are travelling along.
  • Know where you can get assistance. For example, familiarise yourself with the location of a nearby police station on your journey.
  • Consider the area around you and choose the route you feel most comfortable with.

Locate the safety features

Familiarise yourself with safety devices at the stop or platform and onboard. These could include CCTV cameras, safety zones, emergency buttons and phones. There may also be public transport staff who can assist you if you do not feel safe.

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