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Thu 14 November 2013

Victoria Police Kids Activity Books now have a new lease on life with the arrival of refreshed Primary School Kids Activity Books and newly created Kinder Kids Activity Books.

Download your copy by clicking on one of the images below:

  Kindy%20Activity%20Book_Front%20Cover%20Graphic Primary%20Kids%20Activity%20Book%20-%20Front%20Cover  


Operation name: Foxtrot Uniform November (fun!)

Have you heard of the special alphabet that police use when they are on their radios?
It is called the 'phonetic' alphabet. Police use this when spelling out people's names and number plates on cars. 

Click here to see the Phonetic alphabet

Choose your own adventure

If you like reading, you'll love our choose your own adventure story.  

Police Activities

Police often do a lot of paperwork, we call this corro (short for correspondence). We've included some corro for you to do...we wish ours was this fun!

Click here to do police activites

  • Colour in a police car
  • Match the equipment to the right police member
  • Safe cycling crossword





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