Message from the Chief Commissioner

The Badge

Mon 6 October 2014

The badge is a special symbol for Victoria Police. Every police member has a badge that they carry with them at all times. This identifies them as a member of Victoria Police.

This is the badge that every Victoria Police member has. It identifies who they are.

Every aspect of the badge has a different meaning. 


The crown is the symbol of royal authority and the allegiance of members of the Victoria Police to our Sovereign.  It shows that the organisation of Her Majesty, the Queen is controlled by the state of Victoria.

The circular title band has the words VICTORIA and POLICE. Both these words are highlighted in navy blue enamel in the band.  This tells people which police service the badge belongs to.

The five-point star symbolises that Victoria Police Members will go in any direction to perform their duties.

The motto in navy blue, is 'Uphold the right' a fitting motto for any police service.

The centre piece of the badge represents the constellation of the Southern Cross. The red enamel background of the navy-blue cross indicates the link/connection between Victoria Police members and the Queen/royalty.

The laurel wreath symbolises bravery. Members of Victoria Police stand out as courageous people.

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