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Hoon hotline launched in Frankston

Release date: Tue 8 November 2005

Last updated: Tue 8 November 2005

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Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner (Traffic) Bob Hastings officially launched the ‘Hoon Hotline’ in Frankston today.

Frankston residents are encouraged to use the 1800 NO HOON number (1800 664 666) to report anti-social driving behaviour.

Mr Hastings said the ‘Hoon Hotline’ was a great initiative and demonstrated the strong partnership between police and the Frankston City Council to improve road safety and reduce the road toll.

“Frankston police have been conducting a series of operations in the region targeting anti-social driving behaviour. The ‘Hoon Hotline’ is another initiative where the community and police can work together to improve road safety,” he said.

“We are sending a clear message to those motorists who continue to act irresponsibly on the roads: If your driving constitutes illegal behaviour, the chances are you will be caught.”

Mr Hastings said the Hotline was designed to report anti-social driving behaviour that was not a direct problem or concern.

“If anti-social driving behaviour is happening outside your home, residents should phone 000 for police attendance,” he said.

“However, if the driver has moved on or the hoon driving activity has stopped, we are urging residents to phone the ‘Hoon Hotline’ to report the incident.

“All calls are confidential and all information is passed onto police which can help us in identifying offenders and potential hot spots,” he said.

Anti-social driving includes excessive speeding, revving of engines, screeching brakes, skidding, manoeuvres called ‘fishtails’ and ‘doughnuts’, leaving oil on the road and causing damage to the road.

Mr Hastings said police were urging people to change the way they think and act when they get behind the wheel.

“When a police officer gets a call to attend the scene of a serious collision where someone has been killed or very badly injured, it’s something we never get used to and constantly dread,” he said.

“It’s especially frustrating when police see that lives have been taken away because a driver acted irresponsibly or made a careless decision on the road.

“How do you tell someone their loved one was killed because a driver lost control of the car when attempting to do a burn out or drag racing?”

 Mr Hastings said concerns about hoon drivers are not only from residents and those who fear becoming a victim to a collision, but also from the parents of young drivers who participate in hoon driving.

“Parents fear that one day police may be knocking on their door telling them their son or daughter has been involved in an accident,” he said.

1800 NO HOON is a free call number, although calls from mobile phones may incur charges.

caption: The Hoon Hotline complements the work of Frankston TMU members Sen Sgt Terry Bannan and Const Amber Knapp in tackling hoon behaviour.  

Kitty Walker
Media officer

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