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Release date: Thu 5 November 2009

Last updated: Wed 28 June 2017

The competency requirements to be met by applicants for a private security business licence are outlined in sub section 26(3) of the Private Security Act 2004 (The Act).

An applicant for a private security business can demonstrate that they meet the competency requirements by either one of two means; firstly being a member of an approved Security Industry Organisation OR secondly, by producing a Certificate IV in Security & Risk Management.  This certificate must be in the appropriate category and issued by a Licensing & Regulation Division approved Registered Training Organisation.

The Act gives the Chief Commissioner of Police the power to approve Security Industry Organisation in section 172.

The Chief Commissioner may vary or revoke any approval given under this section and may impose conditions on any such approval.

The responsibilities of an approved Security Industry Organisations extend beyond initial approval as they must be able to demonstrate their capacity to assist members to fulfil their legislative and industry responsibilities on an on-going basis.

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