Message from the Chief Commissioner

A message from the Chief Commissioner

Release date: Tue 1 August 2017

Last updated: Mon 3 September 2018

CCP - Graham Ashton (main)

This message is taken from the Foreword in the Victoria Police Annual Plan 2018-19

I am pleased to introduce the Victoria Police Annual Plan 2018-2019 (Annual Plan), representing the third year of the Victoria Police Capability Plan 2016-2025 (Capability Plan).

Over the past 12 months our investment and modernisation decisions have been guided by capability-based planning across the organisation, which has involved a reassessment and reprioritisation of our capabilities based on future needs.

Through this approach we are making a real difference. We have seen a reduction in crime across the state and are responding to the changing needs of the policing environment.

Our upcoming reform and investment builds on achievements from years one and two of the Capability Plan. The Capability Plan allows us to deliver on many of the commitments that we have made to the Victorian Government in the current and previous Community Safety Statements.

Over the next three years we will complete the largest increase in employee numbers in the organisation's history. Our police are being deployed to the areas of greatest need utilising the Staff Allocation Model. This significant investment is already having positive impacts on preventing and reducing crime in these areas.

Victoria Police's first backfill positions for police and Protective Services Officers on parental leave have been allocated, with more than 200 positions to be backfilled by the end of 2019. This is part of our commitment to a more inclusive workplace and is a tangible example of a goal expressed in the Gender Equality Strategy and Action Plan 2017-2020.

We are on track to deliver more than 9,000 mobile devices to frontline staff by 30 June 2019. Our new mobile technology is making us more connected with the community and with one another, and will improve police access to real-time information when it is most needed.

The deployment of mobile police stations will enable us to be more agile and responsive, capabilities that have been further enhanced through the recent launch of three new, state-of-the-art mobile forensic vehicles. These vehicles are designed to deliver mobile forensic technology services at major crime scenes, and will provide rapid forensic intelligence to frontline police, and fast-track investigations.

We will continue to focus on keeping our employees and the community safe by building our occupational health and safety and leadership development capabilities. We will implement the Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2021 and upgrade training and equipment. We will continue to implement the Mental Health Review and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) review recommendations to ensure a safe and harm-free workplace for all employees.

Graham Ashton AM
Chief Commissioner

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