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Governor in Council Exemption Order

Release date: Thu 25 March 2010

Last updated: Fri 6 April 2018

What is it?

A Governor in Council Exemption Order exists where the Governor of Victoria, in consultation with relevant ministers, determines to permit a class of persons to engage in activities otherwise prohibited by the Act. This may include:

  • the manufacture, sale or purchase of prohibited weapons or body armour.
  • the possession, use, carriage or transportation of prohibited weapons or body armour.
  • the display or advertisement for sale of prohibited weapons.

A Governor in Council Exemption Order may also exempt a class of weapons from classification as a prohibited weapon. The Governor in Council does not grant Exemption Orders to individuals.

The Governor in Council may attach conditions and limitations to an Exemption Order and certain individuals may be unable to claim one even if they are a member of a class of people awarded one. Victoria Police are not responsible for the granting of Exemption Orders.

To apply for a Governor in Council Exemption Order, contact the Department of Justice and Regulation.

Current Govenor in Council Exemption Orders

Victoria Police is not responsible for the granting, renewal or maintenance of Exemption Orders. This responsibility falls to the Department of Justice and Regulation.

We endeavour to publish here the most accurate Govenor in Council Exemption Orders for prohibited weapons and body armour relvenat to the general community, however, any person seeking to rely on a GIC exemption should make their own inquiries. 

Inquiries regarding coverage under a Govenor in Council Exemption Order should be made with the Department of Justice and Regulation, not the Licensing and Regulation Division.

Blow Gun and Darts - Veterinarian

Laser Tag and Other Laser Sport Device

Body Armour and Extendable Baton - Private Security

Swords (General Exemption)


Swords - Martial Arts


Swords - Re-enactors and Collectors

Imitation Firearms (General Exemption)

 The Returned and Services League of Australia (RSL)

 Imitation Firearms - Pre 1900

 Throwing Blade, Mace and Flail - Re-enactors

Imitation Firearms -  Australian Defence Force and Cadets



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