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Release date: Wed 15 June 2016

Last updated: Wed 19 December 2018

Police Life is Victoria Police's official magazine.

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policelifespring2018_thumb policelifespring2018_thumb Police%20Life%20Winter%202018%20Main%20external

Summer 2019

  • 30 years at a one-officer station
  • Planning for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's visit
  • Stringybark Creek remembered
  • A decade since the 2009 bushfires 

Spring 2018

  • Police Remembrance Day
  • A retired officer helping others.
  • Why fingerprints are the most common forensic crime solving method.
  • Out with Mallacoota police. 

Winter 2018

  • Taking cash and cars out of criminal hands.
  • A sergeant's organ donation story.
  • Old police station walls get a new lease on life.
  • Out and about at Bridgewater Police Station.
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Autumn%202018%20Police%20Life%20Main%20external PLSummer2018_main                   



Autumn 2018

  • Out with Emerald police
  • Father/son Dog Squad team
  • Policing in digital age
  • Targeting drugs with the Divisional Response Unit
  • Tackling the distribution of illegal firearms.

Summer 2018

  • Mornington police 
  • How to join the Critical Incident Response Team
  • Chief's colouring competition now on
  • Find out where impounded cars go
  • Behind the lens of crime scene officers

Spring 2017

  • Insight into SOG
  • Police respond to family violence better
  • Out and about in Myrtleford
  • Riding with the Bike Patrol
  • Police and young people build friendships

Winter 2017

  • Police halt hoon driving in the Dandenong area
  • Out and about in Flemington
  • Police are using historical forensic evidence to close cases
  • Representing all aspects of the community in our organisation
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PoliceLifeSummer17Main Spring%20Police%20Life%202016_MAIN2 Police%20Life_winter2016_main

 Autumn 2017

  • Edenhope and Apsley police stations
  • Scientists targeting drug use
  • Air Wing dreams a reality
  • Crop house crack down

Summer 2017

  • Dog Squad's furry friends.
  • Interview with Superintendent Lisa Hardeman
  • Police, mechanics and young people working together

Spring 2016

  • Improving training through virtual reality
  • Women of the Water Police
  • A day with protective services officers
  • Solving crime with social media

Winter 2016

  • Making safer roads for motorcyclists
  • A day with the Chief Commissioner
  • Police work to prevent bullying
  • Supporting sex abuse victims
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Autumn%20PL%202016_main PLSummer_2016_main  Police%20Life%20Spring2015_main Winter%20%202015%20PL-main

 Autumn 2016

  • Russell Street bombing anniversary
  • Car theft prevention
  • Special Operations Group
  • Out and about with Sunbury Police Station


Summer 2016

  •  Eleven extra handlers and dogs are hitting the streets
  • Tips to stay safe during summer
  • Day with Arson and Explosives Squad
  • Family violence victim's survival story


Spring 2015

  • Det Supt Patrick Boyle is an expert in street gang culture
  • Spend a day with police instructors
  • Stopping organised vehicle theft
  • Out and about with Hastings police


Winter 2015

  • Introducing Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton
  • A day with the Air Wing
  • Former refugee tells his story
  • Police train for emergencies



Autumn%20Anzac%20MAIN%20Police%20Life%202015 Police%20Life%20Summer%202015_main Spring%20Police%20Life%202014_main Police%20Life%20Winter%202014_main

Autumn 2015

  •  Remembering police who served in World War I
  • Human trafficking investigation
  • Breaking the cycle of alcohol-related harm
  • A day with country cops


Summer 2014/15

  • World-first random testing of drivers for drugs
  • Detectives use frozen evidence from more than 25 years ago
  • Day in the life of the road policing drug and alcohol section


 Spring 2014

  • Mentoring program with African community members
  • PACER program helps those with mental illness
  • Fighting illegal and dangerous methamphetamine production


 Winter 2014 

  • Supporting victims of family violence
  • CCTV cameras helping to solve crime
  • Out and about with Benalla police



Police%20Life%20Autumn%202014_main  Police%20Life%20Autumn%202013%20cover Police%20Life%20Winter%202013_main  spring2013_main

Autumn 2014 

  • Celebrating 90 years of women in policing
  • On the beat with Bendigo police
  • Catching Mokbel


Autumn 2013

  •  Celebrating 160 years of policing
  • Crime solving innovation
  • The future of policing


Winter 2013

  • Police motorbikes on patrol
  • Out with Maribyrnong police
  • Supporting victims


Spring 2013

  • Staying cyber safe
  • See the Blue Net vehicle
  • Trekking in Kokoda




Police%20Life%20Summer%202014_main autumncover2012 wintercover2012 2012springcover2

Summer 2013-14

  • On the beat with Melton police
  • Reducing road collisions
  • Marine Investigation Unit


Autumn 2012

  • Transit police and Protective Services Officers work together
  • The Dog Squad
  • Policing in Collingwood
  • The Echo Taskforce


Winter 2012

  • Recruitment special
  • The Acer Taskforce
  • The Special Operations Group
  • Social media


 Spring 2012

  • Policing livestock theft
  • Dog squad puppies
  • Foiling a terror plot
  • Fighting crime on the waterfront




summercover2012 PL%20Dec%202011_main PL%20Oct%202011_main PL%20Aug%202011_main PL%20Jun%202011_main PL%20April%202011_main

Summer 2012

  •  Victoria Police's new uniform
  • Family violence
  • Plain clothes police hit the streets
  • Safety on the water


December 2011 - Summer edition

  • Talking to the Chief
  • Investigating major collisions
  • Policing soliciting for prostitutes
  • Solving crime with forensics 


October 2011

  • Footy fever at the MCG
  • Victoria Police's only criminal profiler
  • Police nab a stalker
  • Careers police have had before joining Victoria Police


August 2011

  • Negotiating a situation
  • Texting while driving turns fatal
  • Preparing for the police fitness test
  • Out with the Mounted Branch


June 2011

  • Public transport safety
  • Disrupting organised motor vehicle theft
  • Traffic demerit point scam
  • Police Legacy supports families


April 2011

  • Victoria's top 10 most notorious crimes
  • A look inside the Homicide Squad
  • How technology has changed crime
  • Facial recognition


PL%20Feb%202011_main PL%20Dec%202010_main PL%20Oct%202010_main PL%20Aug%202010_main June%20PL%20main April%20PL%20main

 February 2011

  •  A dog's day
  • Out and about in Prahran
  • Security underwater
  • Police discover a weapons trade


December 2010

  • Water Police member's brave actions
  • Out with Warrnambool police
  • Training police for volatile incidents
  • Young offenders meet victims of crime


October 2010 - Road safety edition

  • Driving down the road toll
  • On the roads with the booze bus
  • Riding with the Solo Unit
  • Examining serious collision scenes


August 2010

  • A career in policing
  • Out and about in Lakes Entrance
  • Policing in Kelly Country
  • Police keep community safe even while off duty  


June 2010 - Public safety edition

  • Safe Streets Taskforce 
  • Operations Response Unit
  • Motorcycle safety
  • Liquor licensing with Taskforce Razon
  • Drugs at dance parties                 



April 2010

  • Manjot makes his mark
  • Gunbower one-man police station
  • Night and day shift at Frankston
  • Out and about in Ararat
  • Close Personal Protection Unit                   



Feb%202010%20PL%20cover_main December%202009%20Police%20Life PL%20Oct%2009%20Cover PLcoverAug09 PL_June_09_cover April09PL_cover

February 2010

  • Remembering Black Saturday
  • Search and Rescue Squad
  • True crime - illegal brothel shut down
  • A day with State Highway Patrol members
  • The Bomb Response Unit shows off its latest technology   



December 2009

  • Summer safety in the water
  • True crime - serial rapist nabbed
  • A day with the Air Wing
  • Out and about with Broadmeadows police



October 2009

  • Networking net
  • Training Day at the Victoria Police Academy
  • Out and about with Cowes police
  • The storyteller         


August 2009

  • Paying the price
  • Till death do us part
  • In full force
  • Catch me if you can                   


June 2009

  • A dog's life 
  • Getting digi with it
  • Left out in the cold 
  • Wedding crasher
  • Lights, camera, action           


April 2009 - Special edition - Bushfire tragedy

  • The day the sky turned black
  • Picking up the pieces
  • Kinglake knights
  • Amid the ashes
  • Police out of water




PLFeb09_cover DecPL_cover PLOctober_cover AugustPL_cover JunePL_cover April%20PL%202008%20cover

February 2009 

  • Behind closed doors
  • Braving it in Ballarat
  • Thicker then water
  • Beasts of the night - video and story



December 2008

  • Violent femmes
  • The travelling man
  • Mapping it out
  • Yodgee's lot


October 2008 

  • Policing the CBD isn't as easy as ABC
  • A Turkish delight
  • Kokoda calling
  • Constable - 89, crooks - nil


August 2008

  • Touring Tangambalanga
  • In the air with the night watchmen
  • Finders Keepers
  • Trained up and raring


June 2008     

  • Keeping it in the family
  • The murder of Paul Snable
  • Water Police assault on potential piracy
  • The science of crime scenes


 April 2008

  • Truth about today's youth
  • Driving home road safety message                
  • Tips on partying safely
  • Be on guard online



PLFebmain Dec%20PL%20cover Oct%20PL%20cover%20main August%2007%20PL%20cover June%2007%20PL%20cover PL%20Feb%202007_main

 February 2008

 Fight against fraud

  • True crime - Detectives turn up heat                      
  • For the record
  • Learning the ropes


December 2007

  • Holiday heartbreak
  • Common garden trace evidence
  • Day in the life of Surf Coast TMU                 
  • True crime -  Queen Street massacre


October 2007

  • Police Museum files unlocked
  • Big guns of the Crime Department
  • Day in the life of the Mounted Branch
  • True crime - Case of the severed hand


August 2007

  • 20 years since Hoddle Street
  • Fingerprints identify more than ever
  • Day in the life of a crime scene officer
  • True crime - Salt slayings


June 2007

  • How Purana Taskforce got their man
  • Only dopes do drugs
  • Out and About in Castlemaine
  • True crime - Pong Su heroin ship


 April 2007

  • Policing Melbourne's main events
  • Kelly Gang back in police hands        
  • Out and About in Geelong 
  • True crime -  Ascot Vale rapist


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