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Borrowing, Loaning and Inheriting Firearms

Release date: Mon 19 December 2011

Last updated: Fri 18 May 2018

Information on this page has been developed by the Licensing and Regulation Division to assist licence holders understand thier obligations when it comes to borrowing, loaning and inheriting firearms.

Information on this page is general in nature and may be of assistance to you, however, the LRD does not guarantee that the information here is wholly appropriate to your circumstances.

If a firearm being borrowed or loaned is owned by a Victorian licence holder, the owner must inform the LRD if the firearm's ordinary storage address changes. Failure to do so may be considered an offence.


If you hold a Victorian firearm licence, you can borrow a Victorian or interstate firearm from a friend/relative provided:

  • you have their permission to do so; and
  • your Victorian licence allows you to carry and use that category and type of firearm.

If you hold a Victorian firearm licence, you can borrow the firearm of a Victorian or interstate licensed firearm dealer provided:

  • your licence is more than 28 days old;
  • you already have at least one firearm registered to you;
  • you have their permission to do so; and
  • your Victorian licence allows you to possess, carry and use that category and type of firearm.

You can also borrow a firearm to compete in an overseas shooting competition but you must provide the LRD with written authorisation from the registered owner and apply to Australian Customs for a Restricted Goods Permit in order to be able to take the firearm overseas.

Please Note: This information does not apply to handguns used for the performance of armed guard security activities. It is a special condition for holders of a handgun licence for the purposes of operating a private security business to ensure that each handgun remains registered to the holder's name.


Licensed firearm dealers can loan blank-firing or permanently inoperable firearms for use in films, television or theatrical re-enactment if they hold a Theatrical Armoury Permit. Dealers (or one of their employees) must supervise the use of any dealership firearm(s) except imitation handguns or firearms which have been rendered permanently inoperable. Only dealers, their employees and persons taking part in that production or re-enactment can carry or use the firearms. An application for a Theatrical Armoury Permit (PDF) must be submitted four weeks before the permit is required

Dealers cannot loan a firearm at a rate equivalent to the full cost of the firearm.

Inheriting a firearm

You may acquire a firearm that someone left to you in a will provided you:

  • hold the appropriate licence for that firearm,
  • can demonstrate a genuine need for it;
  • obtain a Permit to Acquire; and
  • have the transaction witnessed by a licensed firearms dealer.

If you do not have the appropriate firearm licence and want to keep and use the firearm, you must apply for a firearm licence.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the firearm for inheritance purposes only, you may apply to for an Heirloom Licence. This licence will only allow you to possess a single firearm or a matched pair of firearms. It is also a condition of this licence that any firearm attached to this licence is made permanently inoperable and store the firearms in accordance with requirements set out in Schedule 4 of the Firearms Act 1996.

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