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Identifying, altering and registering your firearm

Release date: Fri 23 December 2011

Last updated: Fri 18 May 2018

Identifying your firearm

You must know the specifications of any firearm you possess or want to acquire as this information determines the type of firearm licence you must hold and whether the firearm needs to be registered.

This firearm category chart (PDF) can help you understand what licence you will need to possess that firearm and for what activities you can use it.

Altering your firearm or a firearm's calibre

You cannot alter your firearm or its magazine capacity so that it becomes a different category of firearm unless you have received permission from Victoria Police's Licensing & Regulation Division to do so.

You need to complete and submit an application to Alter a Firearm (PDF) to LRD. If your application is successful, you may then take your firearm to a licensed firearm dealer to alter your firearm for you.

If you want to change the calibre of your firearm, you may take the firearm directly to a licensed firearm dealer. However, you must provide LRD with a completed Notification of Modification to Calibre form (PDF) within seven days of changing the firearm's calibre.

Registering your firearm

With very few exceptions, all firearms permanently stored in Victoria must be registered with Victoria Police's Licensing & Regulation Division. This What is Firearm? chart (PDF) explains which groups of firearms and firearm-related items do not need to be registered. If you believe you have a firearm that does not need to be registered, you can take it to an authorised firearm identifier (PDF) for assessment. If they agree with you, and you want to have this firearm declared exempt and removed from your licence and the registration database, the AFI can submit an application to LRD requesting this.

It is illegal to have any other unregistered firearm in your possession.

Found a firearm?

Contact your local police station and arrange a time to drop it off and have the station check its registration status. Do not attempt to destroy the firearm yourself.

Want to possess a firearm that has not previously been registered?

  1. Ask a police station or licensed firearm dealer to store it for you in the interim.
  2. Ensure your licence allows you to own that category of firearm.
  3. Apply to LRD for a Permit to Acquire and then pay the associated fee.
  4. Take the Permit to Acquire and firearm to a dealership so the dealer can transfer ownership of the firearm and arrange for the firearm to be registered as yours.

Want to possess a firearm that is registered to someone else?

This is the most common situation and occurs when you

  • purchase a firearm from a dealership; or
  • purchase or receive a firearm from another licence holder and a dealer facilitates this transaction.

In these cases, you must:

  1. Ensure your licence allows you to own that category of firearm.
  2. Apply to LRD for a Permit to Acquire and then pay the associated fee.
  3. Take the Permit to Acquire (signed by the firearm's current owner) and the firearm (where the transfer is between two individual licence holders) to a dealer (where the firearm is transferred from dealer to client).

The dealer will then notify LRD that the firearm has been transferred, and LRD will post you a Firearm Registration Certificate. There is no fee for this certificate but your dealer will charge you a small fee for transferring ownership of the firearm.

Please note: As licensed firearm dealers have 28 days to report any transactions to LRD they have facilitated, it can take several weeks before any new firearm appears on our computer system as registered to you.

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