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Release date: Fri 30 December 2011

Last updated: Tue 15 January 2019



Am I eligible to apply for a silencer?
Section 57 of the Firearms Act 1996 regulates the possession, carry or use of silencers in Victoria.

To be eligible for a silencer, you must be an employer or employee in one of the occupation fields listed below:

  • Government Department (i.e. DELWP or DELWP employee);
  • Licensed Firearms Dealer (includes dealers that only manufacture silencers);
  • Manufacturer of Silencers;
  • Professional Hunter;
  • Person who works as subcontractor for a professional hunting organisation;
  • Professional Vermin Control Business;
  • Veterinarian;
  • Wildlife Shelter; and
  • Zoological Employer

Each application for a silencer permit will be considered on its merits and a determination will be made by the delegate of the Chief Commissioner of Police.

If you are currently employed in any of the above professions and you wish to make an application, please email Licensing & Regulation Division requesting a silencer application form.

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Do I need to hold a firearm licence if I am starting a sporting event with a handgun or starting pistol?
This will depend on which of the three types of pistols used for starting sporting events you want to use.
Our information sheet on starting pistols contains more detailed information and will help you determine your licensing obligations.

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How do I transfer a firearm on one of my licences to another of my licences?
You will need to:

  • Supply LRD with detailed information about the firearm including the make, model, type, action, capacity, calibre, configuration, serial number, year of manufacture and barrel length (if it's a handgun).
  • Meet all the pre-requisites of the licence you want the firearm to belong to

For example, if you want to transfer a handgun from your general category handgun licence to your collector licence, you will need to:

  • have your application endorsed by the nominated officer of your club
  • provide a statement indicating how the handgun would fit into the theme of your collection.

But if you want to transfer your handgun from your collector licence to your general category handgun licence you will need to:

  • demonstrate you have a genuine reason for doing so (i.e. you will use this handgun for target shooting, work as a security, prison, armed or cash-in-transit guard etc). You could demonstrate this with a letter of endorsement from a club or from an employer; and
  • Ensure you handgun is suitable for that reason (e.g. it is the appropriate calibre)

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What does a Divisional Firearm Officer do?
Divisional Firearm Officers (or DFOs) are located throughout Victoria and administer and enforce laws relating to firearms and weapons. They help licence holders and the firearm community understand their responsibilities and comply with the law. You can find contact details for DFOs here.

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Do I need a Permit to Acquire if my firearm is being replaced under warranty?
If the warranty occurs within 12 months of the initial purchase then the licence holder will be required to apply for a Permit to Acquire for the replacement firearm. The Licensed Firearms Dealer will need to confirm that it is a replacement firearm.

A nil fee permit will be issued to the firearm licence holder. You must engage the services of a Licensed Firearms Dealer to enact the warranty transaction process

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How much ammunition can I store, sell, collect and import?
Licensed firearm dealers can sell, possess and store any quantity of cartridge ammunition but larger amounts of cartridge ammunition store have greater storage requirements. Dealers can also import any amount of cartridge ammunition as long as they have an import permit from LRD.

Licensed ammunition collectors can store and collect any amount of cartridge ammunition and can also import any amount of cartridge ammunition as long as they have an import permit from LRD.

Licensed firearm dealers can sell any amount of gunpowder and propellants provided they have a Worksafe Licence to Sell Explosives. Although dealers can also store any amount of gunpowder or propellants, they must have a WorkSafe Licence to Store Explosives in order to store more than 20kg of propellants or more than 5kg of propellant gun powder. Dealers must also have a WorkSafe Licence to Import Explosives to import any amount of gunpowder and propellants.

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How can I pay for my licence or permit?
Firearm licence applications and renewals can be paid by BPAY or in person at a bank. Firearm permits must be paid in person. Some banks will charge for this service but Westpac bank does not. Licensing & Regulation Division does not accept cash, credit cards, EFTPOS or cheques.

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How do I become a Security Industry Firearms Instructor?
Information on the requirements for becoming a Security Industry Firearms Instructor can be accessed via Security Industry Firearms Instructor

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I have a Category C Firearm Licence for work/occupational purposes. Can I use my Category C firearm at an approved range?
No. You can only shoot your Category C Firearm at an approved range if your Cat C licence is endorsed for the genuine reason of clay target shooting.

If you hold a Category C licence solely for work/occupational purposes you may practice your marksmanship on private land.

More information about Licence Category and Genuine Reasons can be found here.

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What should I do if I have lost my licence or had it stolen?
You will need to complete an Application for a Duplicate Licence, Registration, Approval form and submit to Licensing & Regulation Division via email or post.

A request for payment will be mailed to you after your request has been processed with instructions on how to make your payment and arrange for a photograph to be taken. 

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Do I need a permit for a handgun chassis kit or carbine conversion kit?

Yes. A Prescribed Item Permit is required to be able to possess, carry or use a handgun chassis kit or carbine conversion kit in Victoria.

A handgun chassis kit or carbine conversion kit is a prescribed item under Regulation 7 of the Firearm Regulations 2018 and is defined as:

a device commonly known as a handgun chassis kit or carbine conversion kit, being an accessory which can be attached to a general category handgun to alter its appearance to resemble a machine gun or longarm, whether or not the functionality of the handgun is also altered.

Each application for this permit will be considered on its merits and a determination will be made by the Licensing & Regulation Division on behalf of the Chief Commissioner of Police.

If you wish to apply or have any inquiries regarding Prescribed Item Permits please email Licensing & Regulation Division.

What should I do if I cannot find the answer to my question?
Send Licensing & Regulation Division an email  with your question. We will endeavour to send you a response within seven days.

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