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Fingerprinting for licence applications

Release date: Tue 3 January 2012

Last updated: Fri 16 January 2015

You will need to have a full set of fingerprints taken when applying for a:

  • Category D longarm licence
  • Category E longarm licence
  • Category 1 collectors licence
  • General category handgun licence
  • Category E handgun licence
  • Licensed firearm dealer licence (all employees and close associates must be fingerprinted)
  • Corporate licence of any category other than an antique handgun collectors licence (all responsible officers of the body corporate must be fingerprinted)

Details regarding the process of taking your fingerprints, incorporating a National Police Records Check, can be found here including information relating to making an appointment, locations, fees and processing times.

When making an appointment, you must inform the customer service officer that the reason you require a full set of fingerprints is for your firearm licence application (as per the Firearms Act).

Important Note: If you are applying for a general category handgun licence for armed guard or cash in transit purposes (as per the Private Security Act) and you wish to apply for a private security licence either concurrently or in the near future, it is recommended that you advise the customer service officer of this requirement so that 2 sets of fingerprints can be taken at the same time for the one fee (as a separate set of fingerprints are required for security purposes).

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