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Release date: Tue 3 January 2012

Last updated: Mon 7 May 2018

Trying Handgun Target Shooting

Handgun target shooting is a precision sport enjoyed by many people around the world and to participate in the sport you must be appropriately licenced and meet strict participation obligations in order to maintain a general category handgun licence.

For this reason, if you are interested in the sport but do not hold a handgun licence, you can try handgun target shooting under supervision to determine whether you want to make the commitment to the sport and licence.

From May 2018 you are able to receive instruction in the use of general category handguns on 13 occasions over your lifetime. After you have received instruction 13 times, you will have to apply for a provisional general category handgun licence if you would like to keep using general category handguns.

Each time you receive instruction, you and your instructor must complete a Notification of Receiving Instruction form which your instructor will then submit to the Licensing and Regulation Division within seven days of the instruction session. 

Becoming a Handgun Target Shooter

If you have tried handgun target shooting and would like to apply for a licence you will need to lodge a lodge a provisional general category handgun licence application.

Provisional licences will be issued for either six or twelve months. Full licences will not be issued until you have held a provisional licence for at least six months and completed the Victorian Handgun Safety Course with an approved target shooting club.

Holders of provisional general category handgun licences will not be allowed to own a handgun on their licence.

Participation Requirements for Existing Licence Holders

The holder of a general category handgun who owns handguns must meet their participation obligations to maintain their licences. For example a person who owns one handgun must participate in a minimum of ten matches/shoot per year. The table below summaries the minimum participation requirements based on the number of handgun classes owned. 

Number of handgun classes owned Minimum number of participation events
0 0
1 10
2 10
3 12
4 16

Within the above requirements, handgun owners must ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • 6 of these events must be matches;
  • 6 of these events must be as a competitor;
  • 4 events must be undertaken for each class of handguns owned (matches or shoots); and
  • Participation must take place on no less than 10 separate days.

If you do not meet the minimum participation requirement for a particular class you hold you may lose a class on your licence

In certain situations, you may apply for an exemption or modification to your participation requirements.

For more information about particpation requriements and other obligations please consult the Handgun Target Shooting and Participation Conditions.

Ownership of General Category Handguns

If you hold a full general category handgun licence you cannot generally possess more than three handguns during the first six months of your full licence. During this period, new licence holders cannot possess more than:

  • one .177 inch calibre air handgun;
  • one .22 inch calibre handgun or centrefire handgun;
  • one black powder handgun that is muzzle loading.
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