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Junior Licences

Release date: Wed 4 January 2012

Last updated: Fri 4 May 2018

A child aged between 12 and 17 years of age can obtain a firearm licence in Victoria.

A junior licence holder can only carry and use firearms under the immediate supervision of an adult with a full licence for the same category of firearm. Victoria Police recommends that licence holders supervising juniors should be within 1 metre of the junior and paying close attention to them in all instances where they possession and/or use of a firearm.

A junior firearm licence holder cannot not own or store firearms; however, a parent or guardian who also holds a firearm licence can own and store firearms on behalf of their junior licence holder.

On a junior firearms licence, the licence holder will be able to:

  • To carry and use category A & B longarms, category C longarms (shotgun only) or general category handguns; and
  • Receive instruction in the use of firearms or to engage in sport or target shooting competitions.

Like adult licences, new junior licences cannot be approved and issued until at least 28 days have passed since the application was received by the Licensing and Regulation Division.

Junior Clay Target Shooting

To be considered for a junior firearm licence to participate in clay target shooting, you will need to:

Juniors seeking to be licensed for a category C longarm will also need to be a member of an approved clay target shooting club or organisation. Juniors cannot be licensed for a category C longarm for any purpose other than clay target shooting.

Juniors will be limited to participating in clay target shooting at an approved shooting range.

Junior Handgun Target Shooting

To be considered for a junior firearm licence to participate handgun target shooting you will need to:

  • Have the written consent of your parent or guardian
  • Arrange with an approved handgun target shooting club to receive instruction in using a handgun
  • Become a member of an approved Victorian handgun target shooting club
  • Apply to LRD for a Provisional Junior Handgun Licence
  • Successfully complete the relevant Victorian Firearm Safety Course
  • Submit a completed junior firearm licence application to LRD after you have been a member of an approved handgun target shooting club for six months. (Your application will have to be endorsed by a nominated officer of the club where you are a member. The only exception to this is if you hold an interstate handgun licence for target shooting at the time you apply for your Victorian licence)
  • Remain a member of an approved handgun target shooting club.

Juniors will be limited to participating in handgun target shooting at an approved shooting range. Unlike adult handgun target shooters, juniors do not have to meet a minimum number of shoots or matches as a condition of their licence.

Transitioning from a Junior Licence to an Adult Licence

From May 2018, a junior licence will be considered valid beyond the 18th birthday of the licence holder if the junior licence holder submits an application for a full licence in the same category before their 18th birthday.

Where an application is received by the LRD prior to the 18th birthday of the junior licence holder, the licence will remain valid until a determination on the full adult licence application is made by the Chief Commissioner of Police.

Juniors who are awaiting a determination on their full licence must still abide by the conditions in their junior licence, including the requirements to carry and use firearms under supervision. Failure abide with the conditions may affect any pending licence applications.

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