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Release date: Wed 24 October 2012

Last updated: Thu 6 July 2017

What is a security adviser?

A Security Adviser is a person who is employed or retained to provide advice in relation to security equipment or security methods or principles. A security adviser is not authorised to perform private security licence activities such as security guard, crowd controller, investigator, bodyguard or private security trainer without the relevant private security individual operator licence authorising such activities. A security adviser must not provide the services of others to perform these activities without a private security business licence that authorises the providing of such activities.

A security adviser may not install private security equipment unless they are also the holder of a security equipment installer registration.

Under section 6 of the Private Security Regulations 2016, the following equipment is considered security equipment:

  1. security camera systems;
  2. security audio systems;
  3. security audio or visual recording systems;
  4. security alarms;
  5. security alarm monitoring systems;
  6. safes;
  7. vaults;
  8. security intrusion detectors including motion, infrared, microwave or contact detectors;
  9. electric, electro-mechanical, magnetic, or biometric access control devices, but not including stock, inventory or product loss prevention monitoring devices.

Who can provide the functions of a security adviser?
In Victoria, only the holder of a private security individual operator registration endorsed with the activity of security adviser can legally provide the functions of security adviser as outlined above.

Any person that provides the services of another to perform the function of security adviser needs to be the holder of a private security business registration endorsed with the activity of security adviser.

Additional Information

All Licence and Registration categories in the Private Security Industry in Victoria must meet probity requirements.

The holder of a private security registration cannot carry out the activity of monitoring center operator unless they are also the holder of an appropriately endorsed private security licence.


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