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Release date: Wed 24 October 2012

Last updated: Thu 6 July 2017

Private Security Business Registrations 

A Private Security Business Registration must be obtained by a business wishing to provide the services of other persons operating as security advisers or security equipment installers. You can apply for a business registration as a sole trader, a partnership or a body corporate.

Applications for new registrations must be made via the eServices Portal.

Additional Information

  1. If you are currently or have previously been insolvent or under administration (in relation to a business); or have been declared bankrupt within the preceding 5 years as per Section 26 (2) (g) and (h) of the Private Security Act 2004, the Chief Commissioner must refuse to grant a Private Security Business Registration
  2. A newspaper advertisement must be placed in a daily circulating Victorian newspaper within seven days of lodging an application for a Private Security Business registration with Victoria Police's Licensing & Regulation Division. The advertisement must:
  • state the intention to apply for a business registration;
  • be forwarded to Victoria Police's Licensing & Regulation Division within 14 days of the advertisement appearing in newspaper; and
  • be worded as follows:

"[Insert your Business Name] of [Insert your Business Address] has made an application to the Licensing & Regulation Division for a Private Security Business Registration to provide the services of [Insert activities applied for ie. security advisers and/or security equipment installers]. Any person wishing to object to the granting of the registration has 14 days from the date of this advertisement to lodge an objection in writing to Licensing & Regulation Division, GPO Box 2807, Melbourne VIC 3001."

Contact Details

For further information or help, please e-mail you enquiry with your contact details to the Licensing & Regulation Division at


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