Message from the Chief Commissioner

General Duties

Tue 7 January 2014

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General duties police officers, like us, are based at police stations. 

Each police station has responsibility of an area and aims to keep the community in that area safe by patrolling local streets to prevent crime.

Have you ever wondered how police know which area to patrol?

Well, you see the state of Victoria is broken up into four regions - Western, North West Metro, Eastern and Southern Metro. 

Each region is divided into divisions and within each division are police service areas.

Each police service area has a couple of police stations (the exact number depends on how big the police service area is) and each of these police stations are responsible for protecting a certain part of the police service area.

Makes sense doesn't it?

That way every part of the state is being monitored by police!

Patrols are conducted in all weather and at all hours of the day and night, by foot, divisional van or sedan.

It is a very interesting job and we meet all sorts of people and deal with a range of offences. These include, theft, speeding, drink driving, graffiti and violence.

We also assist with search and rescues and working in the watchhouse (a small jail inside a police station) which includes attending to phone calls and counter inquiries as well as managing the cells.


Fact: It wasn't until 1924 (90 years ago) that women were allowed to become police members with the same powers of arrest as men.


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