Message from the Chief Commissioner

Air Wing

Thu 14 November 2013

The Police Air Wing consists of a fleet of helicopters which assist police on a higher level (literally!)

Here are some cool facts about the Police Air Wing:

  • Regular patrols of the city to prevent crime.
  • Helps police monitor traffic accidents and catch people breaking the law on major roads.
  • Looks for stolen cars which have been dumped in remote bushland.
  • Helps guide police on the ground or in water to their targets.
  • Search and rescue in remote areas or at sea.
  • Can help fire fighters with aerial observation reports or evacuation support during large bushfires.
  • Can take great photos for crime, traffic, planning and routine operations from the air.
  • Urgent transport of specialist members, such as the Dog Squad, to time critical incidents.
  • Acts as an ambulance to seriously sick or injured people who live far away from a hospital.


City%20View_Helicopter Helicopter Shrine_Helicopter  

 Fact: The Air Wing began operations with fixed wing aircraft in 1975.






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