Message from the Chief Commissioner

Protective Services Officer Hector Guard

Wed 16 October 2013

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Hi kids,

My name is Protective Services Officer Hector Guard.

Did you know the nickname for a Protective Services Officer is a PSO?

I am a Transit PSO which means I help to guard Victorian trains and train stations to help keep commuters safe (commuters are people who travel on trains).

Did you know more than 228 million people catch a train somewhere in Victoria each year?

Wow, that is a lot of people to protect!

My parents named me Hector because it means to defend which is exactly what I do on a daily basis.

I defend commuters against dangerous situations on trains and at train stations everyday.

Guard is a great surname for me because, as I mentioned I guard the train stations and keep commuters safe from harm.

I am really looking forward to showing you around the Kids' Website and I think you will be as fascinated as I am with all the cool facts you will discover.

See you soon!

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