Message from the Chief Commissioner

State Security and Terrorism

Release date: Tue 5 September 2017

Last updated: Tue 5 September 2017


Counter terrorism arrangements

Victorian emergency management arrangements

Victoria's emergency management arrangements are designed to deal with all hazards, including terrorism. The Emergency Management Act 2013 defines Victoria's emergency management structure and assigns significant roles and responsibilities. The Emergency Management Manual Victoria contains the principal policies and planning arrangements.

Further information is available on the Emergency Management Victoria website.

Victoria Police Counter Terrorism Framework

The aim of the framework is to articulate the principles that guide Victoria Police's approach to counter terrorism.


Australia's Counter-Terrorism Strategy 2015

Australia's Counter-Terrorism Strategy is a Council of Australian Governments document that outlines the current terrorist threat that Australia is facing, and what our governments are doing about it. It focusses on five core elements: challenging violent extremist ideologies, stopping people from becoming terrorists, shaping the global environment to counter terrorism, disrupting terrorist activity within Australia and having effective responses and recovery should an attack occur.

The Strategy is published on the Australian National Security website.



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