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Bushfire Arson Prevention Policy Statement 2015 – 2018

Release date: Wed 18 November 2015

Last updated: Tue 17 November 2015

Bushfire Arson Prevention Policy Statement 2015 - 2018

The Bushfire Arson Prevention Policy Statement 2015 - 2018 articulates the organisation's ongoing commitment to preventing harm caused by bushfire arson in Victoria. It outlines Victoria Police's key strategic priorities and operational activities relating to bushfire prevention.

These activities are aligned to five strategic priorities which follow the principles of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission (VBRC), which include:

  1. Developing a better understanding of bushfire arson
  2. Building effective cooperative partnerships and networks
  3. Delivering a state-wide, coordinated, intelligence led response
  4. Local arson prevention and detection strategies informed by best practice
  5. Creating increased organisational capacity and capability.

The purpose of this document is to inform our partners and reassure the community of the organisation's position for bushfire arson detection and prevention. This document is available to access and download on link from this page.

Key messages

Offences of bushfire arson can cause loss of life, widespread destruction of property and heighten fear within the community. Victoria Police recognises the serious impact bushfire can have on communities and is committed to an intelligence-led, partnership approach to preventing the incidence of bushfire arson, preserving life, protecting property and detecting offenders.

  • The social and economic costs associated with the bushfires are incredibly high and they have a devastating impact on communities, lives and properties.
  • The Victorian Black Saturday Bushfires of 7 February, 2009 were the largest co-ordinated response and community recovery operation in the State's history.
  • The Bushfire Arson Prevention Strategy reinforces Victoria Police's commitment to uphold the recommendations from the VBRC (2009).
  • Victoria Police is committed to ongoing coordination, monitoring and evaluation of this Strategy.
  • The Position Statement provides a clear direction for Victoria Police to proactively work towards deterring arson in Victoria.

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